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Insisting God

Insisting on God.

I like it very much as I realized, we fall to sin easily than we have to keep coming back to God.

Resisting is different thing, you will fight for it, not giving up! It’s like in the war situation when we have to make a choice, Fight or die!

Or it’s like a road trip, you are on the road where tempations, discouragements, negativities etc, all over the place, once you stop, you are in, tempted and melted.

Like driving your old car (weak flesh) was not really able to pull to accelerate faster or keep breaking like about to broke down.

You will press on and press on again so that you will be able to keep on moving and not stopping and surrendering to the situation.

God bless you. Protect you in all situations and guide you through all circumstances with wisdom, courage and strength.

Keep pressing on, be resilient and persevere in difficult circumstances.

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Happy New Year 2021

Everything in this world is not ours. It can come, go and gone.

We should appreciate, care and embrace everything we have while we are able. (Family! Friends and other things). That’s one of fulfillment in life.

And if everything can be solved wisely, it’s a blessing.

Time is not stopping.

Health is the most important treasure that keep everything going on your life.

Let’s have more of our morality (a) and love (b) in this year of 2021.

a. Principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behaviour.



This new morning

It is a prayer text for the morning.
I found this prayer is really good and refreshing for the beginning of the day.

Complied by Mark Water, A prayer a day. 365 prayers – on for every day of the year.

For this new morning and its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food, for love and friends,
For every gift your goodness sends,
We thank you, Lord.

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You just do not know what God will provide in your life. What plan and path He will lay on your life.

Today is the best moment.

An angel named k comes to rescue.

There is nothing more you can ask. We are so grateful. God is really good.

You were staying and standing in the tunnel for sometime though you can see the slightest light in the tunnel but you only be able move slowly as your time is running out.

Suddenly the light in tunnel seems to be the brightest light you would ever see in your life and the flow of the fresh air is a huge relief is like giving you another breath of life.

Someone just pull you out of cold and dimmed tunnel to the warm and bright world.

A beautiful world of hopes, dreams and possibilities.

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

This verse as my life-verse shows its strength and shine through the strongest in this moment.

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Child on a Journey


(kawaii ko niwa tabi o saseyo)

Send the beloved child on a journey.

Japanese Proverb

The proverb means without ever protecting them, let them do the things they can achieve.

Experiencing the unexpected, solving the challenges unprepared will make them think smartly, decisively and fast.

Like the journey to the unknown forest, you have prepared everything you know, but thing you face is uncertainty and of course you will be challenged to pass through the forest.


One day, all our kid will grow and there is a time they need to be ready to walk into this forest by themselves. Its time to let them go. I will definitely will.

It will always need the first step until you make the path yourself and you will begin to explore a new different route because you have familiar with the path you always pass, you have passed it for so many years.

You are out of your comfort zone again. You will grow even more.


A pool of obedience

new beginning

There is a pool of obedience.
from a pretty small world to the biggest one where the challenges are much better and bigger.

A place where faith and obedience pour one another with commitment.

A step toward something extra ordinary. A sincerity to remember that His grace is awesome.

Sometime we could only see when we look back for all things we had done and look at present time, how we have been blessed.

God works in his amazing way through out these years.

The shortest journey-story I have as christian. Here we go…

Stage : Getting to know & change (sowing)
I was in a group called Uriel (the light of God), led by Yen Nee. that was the first time when I got to know Him in my life and this was where all started and the seeds had being planted.

She taught me many things about Christianity and how I use to ask her lots of questions and she did answer me with her view and made me understand about in an easy way.

Yen Nee is a great leader with love, care and compassion heart.

Stage : Decision & touched (harvest)
Split unto smaller group, here I am in a group called Adonai (God is Lord), it define our role as a servant of our lord, formed a new one under new leadership. a humble man, Joni. musically talented guy.

He brought different feeling into this group under his leadership. being obedience and humble in serving the God.

This is where I feel I want to make my decision and I received Jesus on our church conference when Ps. Jeff was praying for altar call. I was touched and filled with amazing feeling flow into my body. I felt really good.

Joni is a people leader with a big heart for everyone and a faithful one by example.

Stage : Commitment & support.
The restructuring happened and formed 4 big groups, erected one leader for each group to lead 3/4 previous leaders.

From my previous group, I was alone joining this group called BeAT (Be a Transformer) and I am always like new environment and new people. No problem for me to come to new environments and to get to know new people. I am quite good at it.

A new leader bring what I have missed the most from a leader. Direct, firm, know what to do and have a vision. These are the qualities I hope to expect and he got it. This guy is a doer.

He trust you, he push you and stand beside you. If I was to fall, he was like a stone at the back holding me there. Its a moral boast, he gives you confident. That is my compliments for him.

He is a leader by examples, firm and believe in his troops.

In this group after a year, this is the time. I jumped into the water (baptised) and woke up into the new beginning of my life.

stand for what you believe and own your life!, courage
sometimes in year 2010

as what you are doing as christian right now, it will be the same, encouragement
april 2012

sometime we forgot all the smallest things He has done for us, blessing
easter, first day 2012

believing everything is gonna be great and just do it!, faith
easter, second day 2012

you are serious about your choice, believe
easter, last day 2012

its an act of obedience, identifying and declaring, baptism
minutes before. sunday 8 april 2012

note. I had missed many encouragement words but i will try to add in.


Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6 (NIV)

It was a nice night when one of the brother shared about this verse (proverbs 3:5-6), his testimony in his life about how God has provided him and never fail him. even he was tired physically, mentally and spiritually. he still came to the Life Group and lead the discussion. he saw how important this delivery to all of us. the message he want to tell, the experiences and his time spent in his quiet time and testimony he want to share despise all the thing that almost make him give up to share all these.

he saw the light how God has talked to him about border-less when he was in his business trip. he storied us about, in each view he see was only snow, its all white and can not see the end, the border where this snow is gonna end, the line at least but there was none. God speak to him, how every thing is possible in His hand and how each thing has its own plan and timing that God will reveal to him.

our own understanding is far from what God understand about it. sometime and most of the time when thing does not go according what we wanted, it always make us down and discourage. but in God, we should have faith, we should believe that everything has its own time. God will plan it beautifully in His timing, not ours.

in all our way, we submit to Him. what i got is, how it encourage us to be more dependable on Him, in every situation we have right now. we submit and trust in Him fully. as we could plan for our own but we must always seek for His guidance, lead, and protection of our plan. He knows what is the best for us. the timing, the things, the all stuff we have prayed and planned. We surrender everything into Him.

i was once told to shared my testimony in my Life Group. there is one more thing i did not share out. an example about faith from my own understanding. i was a little regret about it because i did not have courage to tell this short story. when until i know that he was actually the person who like to see first and then believe in it. while faith is working on the other way round,”when you believe, then you can see“. i thought it will be a bingo if i did share after i was home that night. but glad enough, he received Christ in our church conference. God works His charm in him.

The example that pop to me at that time after i had shared was simply unimaginable by me. i was never really thought about it, it just come like that, snap! and this is what i see..

(its was not exactly the same as i see, but the bridge show it covered with fog)

close your eye and imagine you were in a high hill with small path at the edge of its cliff, leading you to the only bridge. the swing bridge is covered with fog. you can not see the end of it and its only few step in front that you can see clearly the bridge is made from wood with big rope attached on both of its end. it is the only way, a place you want to be.

When you do not have Faith to cross to the other side of this bridge, you never there.
When you just can not see what God will provide you in the end of this journey, you never will.
When you simply can not trust that God that will protect you, lead you, guide you inside “the fog“, you will never experience his grace, his love and his present.

Faith is simply to believe first, then you will see. It was like the story of little john on the boat in the bible.

last night we had a great praise and worship. i was looking at the candle all the time since it was given to me. i could not bear to look at my friend as i think i would cry too. he did bring us into reflection mood. over many thing we had done and how God remind over things he has done and how He speak to him. man, it was cool and you did a great job bro.

and for the last sentence, He will make your path straight. To live by god’s word will challenge our current thinking. one of reason this scripture comes alive is that it changes our habit pattern and way of thinking. in fact there are a lot of struggle sometimes But when we lay our own understanding to God’s wisdom, many of our bad decisions we used to make will start to diminish. we will be able to see clearly how God makes it right at His time, even when we thought it was not because we wanted it more at that time.

To go through the uncomfortable view of bible is greater than staying with familiar pattern of our own understanding. this is how He make our path straight.