Child on a Journey


(kawaii ko niwa tabi o saseyo)

Send the beloved child on a journey.

Japanese Proverb

The proverb means without ever protecting them, let them do the things they can achieve.

Experiencing the unexpected, solving the challenges unprepared will make them think smartly, decisively and fast.

Like the journey to the unknown forest, you have prepared everything you know, but thing you face is uncertainty and of course you will be challenged to pass through the forest.


One day, all our kid will grow and there is a time they need to be ready to walk into this forest by themselves. Its time to let them go. I will definitely will.

It will always need the first step until you make the path yourself and you will begin to explore a new different route because you have familiar with the path you always pass, you have passed it for so many years.

You are out of your comfort zone again. You will grow even more.


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