It is very interesting about this life. We are part of it, playing a role in it. Get kicked or be a kicker.

See the past, feel the past and smile at it, not dwell in it because it the things we had done and never gonna change, our moments in the past be just a sweet memory to be remembered.

life is all about the choices we make at the present time that we shape our future..

see here, everyday is a starting day for new thing in life. even in our life. we see new different thing, a new perspective, a chance to grow, a time to treasure.

Time is passing really fast. So fill your days with Life

love to wake up in the morning, especially when the sun is touching your face on the opened windows. i like raining day, like the sound of it. same thing as i like beach for its brightness and the sound of wave.

i love food pretty much & travelling too. taking picture is a hobby, reading at library, enjoy pretty much calm scenery.

soccer is one of my favorite sport. doing jogging and like to swim too. i am kind of a competitive & a learner player, will play any sports with only one requirement, a good player to play with — thats the only reason to motivated me.

a mix of flavor between alternative rock and Jazz in music taste, love both added clasiccal to it. its three in one me.

Travis, Matchbox Twenty, Coldplay, Keane, Oasis, Muse, Train, Maroon 5, King Creosote & Jon hopkins, Jason Marz, Keith Urban and more.

Andrea Bocelli, Noral Jones, Olivia Ong & more.

any classical.

Spicy foods mainly, explore new food is my favorite thing to try. i would be able to eat the food i like everyday till i am bored and will come back again to that food after sometime.

dreaming of having a quiet place in my old age (60), when i will be only with my wife. a small house with plants and flowers to take care of. the community around that we could blend and be a part of it. i know where it should be (nz). finger cross.

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