Insisting God

Insisting on God.

I like it very much as I realized, we fall to sin easily than we have to keep coming back to God.

Resisting is different thing, you will fight for it, not giving up! It’s like in the war situation when we have to make a choice, Fight or die!

Or it’s like a road trip, you are on the road where tempations, discouragements, negativities etc, all over the place, once you stop, you are in, tempted and melted.

Like driving your old car (weak flesh) was not really able to pull to accelerate faster or keep breaking like about to broke down.

You will press on and press on again so that you will be able to keep on moving and not stopping and surrendering to the situation.

God bless you. Protect you in all situations and guide you through all circumstances with wisdom, courage and strength.

Keep pressing on, be resilient and persevere in difficult circumstances.


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