First day at school

Flashed back to the first day of school, happened a long time ago at the end of 2019 (16.Sep.2019).

So we put him to school, with the purpose to let him experience the school thing and make some friends.

It’s nervous for his mom because she will not be able to see him like 3 hours only (haha) and her kid will be taken care of by a teacher, someone who she doesn’t familiar with.

Would the teacher really take care of him or just let him be loitering around, playing around. those are thoughts crossed over and over again.

3 hours pass and Everything seems to be normal. He adjusted well till he sees his mom.

He cried.

He cried because he knows his mom gonna pick him up and go home, so he doesn’t want. He wants to follow his friend to take the school bus.

He even asks his mom to go. What’s?!

So that’s how we know, he is gonna be okay!



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