4th Birthday

He is four today. 12.03
His mom was preparing and coordinating with my sister at home town about possible his favourite birthday cake, Chase from Paw Patrol.

It’s his first birthday cake!

Many people around us still do not believe it, but it is true.
We did not give him a birthday on 1st, 2nd or 3rd birthday. Simply we thought, he does not understand it yet. But we know he wants one, when few weeks or months back, He wants to blow the candle.

We were glad to give him one.

He spend his entire birthday in my home town, a place I was raised. Running around the back yard and cycling around too.

He is learning to bike with his cousin. named Nadiya.
This girl is in advance level, while Noah still playing a catch up in term of agility and expert in manoeuvring the bike. Nadiya is like a motocross rider, trying to jump with her bike.

They had a good time together, good and bad.


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