Growing Up!

Yesterday was the first time I discovered the strength of all his muscle.

He insisted to buy the balloon in the stationary shop near our house.
He pointed it out, he wanted that.

As I tried to carry him up to just few doors for our dinner. He was like a hulk, strong, grinding his teeth and show to me, its meant business! I WANT THAT BALLOON!

That was the first!
That was quite a challenge for me to try to explain to him. ” We gonna first, that we do not need it right now. We gonna go for dinner first. but he insisted” .

I passed him to her mom as last resort, Because it usually work, his mom is more compassionate to explain, can handle him and explain better.

After sometime waiting in the Thai restaurant. I have eaten some portion of my food. I was thinking, his mom charm still work.

To my surprised, its not!

Though he is more calm and content. He did not want to eat his food and slowly but surely start crying for that balloon again. He insisted he wants it!

It’s noisy and we are afraid to disturb other dinners. We decided to ask the waiter to pack the food for takeaway. <<< wow, that was the first time happen.

He is a big boy now. He knows what he wants, insisting on what he wants, He got the strength now and his muscle is growing up big, his trick to avoid to be carried is growing up now.

Soon.. pretty soon..
He will decided almost half of what he wants, what he doesn’t want.

We hope to guide him the right ones. Though sometimes he still need to make mistakes to learn something.


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