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Socrates: This ancient Greek philosopher is credited as one of the founders of Western philosophy. Best known for his “Socratic Method” which helped ask a series of questions to define a problem, lead to his demise when refusing to accept the Gods of the State according to Athens, and corrupting the youth. He was sentenced to death by poisoning with Hemlock but refused to budge on his beliefs. 

The only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing.

by Socrates

As I understand.

People who thinks that he knows nothing will try to achieve knowledge from anyone and everyone he comes across in life. Whether the person is the king or the beggar. He can learn many things from their lives, perspectives, opinion and ideas.

And only then he will be able to see, to feel and solve many problems wisely.

Keep humble, keep learning.

He should not have any prejudice toward anybody and be able to change his own view.

Like an innocent child who want to learn and know many things from anybody, that’s curiosity and excitement to know something you don’t know.

Not like villain who want to be heard, forcing ideas and perspectives to other to show some ego-centric thing.

There are a great inside beneath every single thought even from the person you expect the less.



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