Family Trip

Till today, As I sitting down beside this small gentlemen (my son). I am so grateful for everything I have in my life.

Of course in life, there are many challenges you will face, the up and down of your life, misunderstanding, disappoinment with close ones and etc.

I see and will always see, the bright side, a positive things or the thing I can learn from that situations. Also I enjoy and embrace every good thing in life, every moment of it.

We just done our family trip with my parent, it’s a first time this arrangement happen, how rare it is! It can only happen because he (my Dad) was encouraged by my mom to take a time off for awhile. At last, he agreed and set to go for Taiwan. The only country that speak his language, hokkian!

We spent a lot of quality time together, seems like the missing time I have with my dad is treasured even though only for such a short trip.

Since I stay and work in Singapore, I have limited time to meet them and spend time with them. And also it’s a good time for my wife to get to know a little bit more about them.

I loved the biking time, it’s like seeing them remembrance of their younger time, you know like those 60s 70s time. Dating with bicycle.


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