I have been traveling often for the work that I am doing, required me to look after an amazing people in my team of designers.

Leaving two beautiful people of my new found loves, a family of mine. A father as I am and a husband of a great woman who I love.

Always missing both of them every time that I have to leave for work oversea. Every time I sit on the exact same kind of seat and food.

I have been always missing them.

My son, Noah. He has grown into a boy now. One year seems so lighting fast. I enjoy every single day I spent with him.

My wife allow me to spend more time with him. Shower him, change his diaper, feed him to mention a little part of all of it.

I am grateful actually for what she ask me to do. It makes me to realize how much time I have missed and loss when I am away. She is a smart wife though. (Now I understand, Sayang)

I hope the routine will be able to change soon. Hope that I will be able to stay closer to my family.

More balance in life, work and play.

God has a plan that somehow we could not figure it out. A plan that is perfectly good and beautiful when it comes.

Like the sparkling of the champagne.

A taste that can be only admired after certain period of time, many times of drink sessions. When you do, you know, you understand and that is the rprocess in your life. You would be able to appreciate much longer.

His blessings will be never finished.

Always believe.


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