500th day.

chin on our 500th days

Here is in our one of favourite place to have our special night. Cumi Bali!

We have been together for the past 500th days of our marriage.

Many stories in one life, we grow from one character to another individual that understand one another better which make us a much better people in many perspective of life.

We thank God for all He had given to us and what He has in store for us in future.

We only human, learn to curve many adversities and challenges ahead to be a better person.

Working hard to achieve the goal and create an anchor for our life. But surrender every plans unto Him.

When your will is God’s Will, you will have your will

Charles H. Spurgeon

In this phase of life, my spiritual grow like the mushroom in the forest. Wanting much to get deeper and understand much more than the time I had wasted on nothing i ever learn.

The compactness and tightness of time I have much more worth to know Him more.

Keep this heart, mind and strength of mine continue till the rest of my life. I don’t want to miss so many good things about You O Lord.

Love you much Jeen.


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