Today Verse

Those who are in the flesh cannot please God – Romans 8:8 (ESV)

The story behind this chapter is to live by the spirit of God. Live with the spirit of God means live with word of God.

Because of we read, study and understand the words, we could unveil the God’s way, live according His guidances, communicate in loving way (1 Cor 13:6) and growing as person that God wants us to be.

Because we live to build each other up so that we could testify God’s greatness in our life., chance that God given to us should not be wasted.

In v.10 says, but if Christ is in you, then even though you body is subjected to death because of sin, the spirit gives life because of righteousness.

What we do in righteousness will last more than our body (death). A great thing, testimonies we share will impact on person more longer than we could. Perhaps over generations and generations. God is great.

Father, we thank you for You. Teach us to live by a spirit of You in our life. We want to live in a righteous way, a way that You show us Your love, wisdoms, faithfulness and greatness.

In Jesus name, Amen.


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