A letter for you


Hi Dear,
30th Jan last year marked the start of our relationship. You are someone special in my life.

Everyday since that day, i am grateful. You are beautiful. You have been a very important person in my life.

Each day passed, each day bring so many new things & each day fill with so much discovery of life about you and me.

You have shaped me to be someone better. Develop the strength that I have and bold my weakness to be disappear.

I have become much more sure for the thing i doubt before and move to direction where i could be bold & precise. Because i know, you will be my side. Straighten in wavy lines and put every check point in it. Thank you dear. I love you.

We will not take for granted our relationship and will always make everyday fill with cares & loves.

You make the world a better place to be and I have never be enough to say “I love you”.

Do you still remember when you ask me to help old couple looking for their seat when we were in cinema? — I raise from my seat and walked down to the aisle directly and ask if i could help them to find their seat (just like the cinema attendee). Thanks for you encouragement.

Do you still remember when you want to “adopt” the old lady as our own grandma? when she could not bear to dine-in at KFC because its too cold inside and prefer sitting outside in the prata (Prata Wala).

You have encouragement in many more things. Thank you sayang.

You are all that I need. You are gorgeous, yummy sexy.. :D, fun, crazy, spontaneous, courageous, and many more reasons i love to spend my time with you

Love you.


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