until today, its more than 9 months in our relationship. we realize both of us have the same thought.
as i post this writing, we are in our eleventh month of our relationship.

“Romance is more important than sex”

Sex its self is a gift for marriage couple. In Genesis 1:28 And God blessed them. And God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”

and as a guy i always naughtily think that it will nice to have more after marriage but i do realize and learned from many married couples that talk about it, research on Internet or simply a lesson from a movie, sex is not everything but it’s one of key ingredient in marriage life.

We had been reading few books just to equip, enlarge and identify and teach us. from Boy Meets Girl (courtship book), Love Dare (kind of marriage book that challenge and build your relationship, dare to do something that its not yours but for both) and we are going for new book called Hot Chocolate (like pre-marriage/marriage book).

when we both discuss about our relationship and from book that we are reading together. it brings so much input to us, not only to understand, enlarged our view, we laugh alot too. but some topic is just to hard to discuss too (probably its not the time yet).

it is recommended to read a book together, discuss, share your views.

In a store named “Precious Thought”, as we were searching for new book, we flipped few books. Come to this statement, Romance is more important than sex. We both just nod our head in agreement. Never know we have this kind of thought before but we agree on the spot.

in one fine sunday afternoon, my girl and friend went out for saloon to pamper their self with treatment, as we guys stay at home taking care of baby Ryan. he was all very good, no crying or anything, we try to keep him entertained.

after watching movie, three of us went out for lunch, we started to talk about relationship, struggles that we faced and he shared about what will you expect in marriage life.

one of topic that he brought out was about sex. he asked me, when you get marriage, how many times do you want to have sex? i replied honestly, “depend on mood“. my reason was simple, sex is really about feeling, ready to get excited to explore. then he repeat his sentence look like i don’t get it, “how many times a day?” i smiled and honestly answered, “everyday bro!” and i gave a big big smile.

“See!”, he started to share. Many of us (guys) thinking almost the same thing, but for girl, it’s different. We think too much about sex as girl don’t think the same as we did.

on my own words, Romance is much more on an expression of feeling. not just love alone, its passionate, affections, appreciations, cares, sharing, being creative, be naughty, ideas, brave (courage), point blank (without thinking) acts to make every moment spent together worth while, fill-in, treasuring, enjoying, laugh a lot, fun and cherish just to be by her side.

a heart that fill with a intention to serve, care, love, respect and protect your partner.

her smile for me is worth my day.


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