Unshakeable Faith

When God put promise in your heart, you have to come in a place, believe that so strongly nothing gonna talk you out. it may seem impossible.

All circumstances may tell you down. but deep down, you have to have these confidences, knowing God is still on the throne, He is bigger than any obstacles, He already have a way, and the exact time what He promise will come to pass. you know that God is fighting your battle, arranging thing in your favour. making a way even you do not see a way.

Your mind is set into one direction, victory – favour – healing – restoration.

You know that the moment you pray. God set the miracle in the motion.

You see Him did in the past and you know He will do it again in the future. You are fully persuasive. you have this unshakeable faith.

If God makes everything happen when we want it to happen, it won’t take any faith. We grow in difficult times, we grow when our faith is being stretched. Do not let circumstances talk you down, remember that God has a final say.

like a story of Abraham.
Romans 4, Abraham did not waver by his faith. v,19. he consider not the weakness his body, nor the deadness of Sarah’s worm. the question is not to consider our circumstances, do not consider the odd but instead consider our God.

It takes as much as energy to be negative as it takes to be positive. To be worry as to believe. So meditate God’s promises and speak in Faith in your life.

I am not moved by what I see, but by what I know. I know God is all powerful. “when you made God bigger, your problem become smaller“. When you magnify God, Faith is raising up.

Another story from bible.
One day, Jesus saw seaman (fisherman), they had been out for fishing but catch no fish. He asked them whether He could borrow the boat, so He could push out to the shore to teach the people there together. after finished. He asked the fisherman to put the net there.

For some people, they know too much. our intellect can talk us out for what God wants us to do. it is good that we have information, I did not say that we have to live under the sand, not knowing anything. Information is good to know but do not dwell in it, do not let these things talk you out of God promises.

Jesus finally convince them to go for fishing. they went out. they caught so many fishes that their boat begin to sink.

God’s way is beyond our thought, beyond our way. our reasoning sometime does not make sense for what God will do in our live.

note. the sermon i had listened from a video podcast, a pastor from Lakewood Church, Texas. Joel Osteen.


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