vision of her

sunday, 28 October 2012. at night before praying time together. she prayed by her self first to God, as she close her eyes after it…

. . . a picture of a little girl appear, setting in food court, its a family. the little girl has a good attitude, she is siting by her own on the bench with daddy ready to feed her as she is playing with her legos, how sweet she is. wearing a dress, a dark wavy hair as long as shoulder, fair skin with big loving eyes. so cute.

dad and mom are mature enough but they both still fit, a young couple. is wearing blue jeans with short sleeve shirt while mom with her gray cardigan, dark color tank top, blue jeans and high heel, as sexy she could always be.

at one moment, mom says in awe and smile, “Sayang, it’s a girl!“. Dad just smiles as he is feeding their pretty daughter. a happy contented family in the picture of  her. . .

as excited as we could be about it, this is future. It’s a vision.
note. in faith, looking back again here, some day in future.


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