First holiday together

its our first holiday. such as day come very fast. the planned was way beyond few weeks.

simple word to describe it, i love it.

from this pretty short trip, and time we spend together to see the other side of the world without any familiarity we have here. we face challenge and venture it together. so many things we discover about each other. things we could not or probably we will have it later. we had it right there. it was a surprise for both of us but all of whole it was just sweet moments.

let me start with one example.

early in the morning in the hotel.
we had breakfast. i toasted a pair of bread, and spread peanut jam and butter on them, i gave it to her first to taste (as always, simply i want her to have the best one first, muaach.. love you) and i continue toasted another pair as she served me a coffee (as always, she is loving right? yes she is). well, nothing much happening here, as usual we serve each other.

in seconds, the toaster pushed out the pair, she took and spread the peanut jam but one of them felt down to the ground. i picked up and put on the side and toast another one as she started to put some jam on the other bread.

simply said, we had done with our simple breakfast. we about to prepare our selves to go out and here is the thing. so i took the bread that felt down just now with tissue. as we walked up, she signaled me to take it up to the room.

my mind was thinking like, “what is it for to bring it up to the room?” so i consciously looking for the rubbish bin around.  viola! i found one beside the receptionist desk, i said to her. “throw it here ya?” she replied me, “hmm, up to you” with a grind on her face. hahaha… i was puzzled.

on the way up, i asked her what was on my mind and she told me this, “we had dropped it and don’t let the receptionist know about it“, perhaps the bread are limited a pair to one person or something like that.

thinking back, it was funny, how both of us, have different mindset, different intention, and different way to face situation. we laughed a lot when talked about it on taxi on the way to Xi Men Ding.

there are indeed many we discover along the journey. it was fruitful and fun. we open up each other character, it makes me understand her more.

the whole journey was like, the hand-on experience we had together, laugh on our differences, but we enjoy it, simply because differences could only enrich each other, strengthen the weakness, dynamically color the life, grow to understand and appreciate it together.

we will aligned in one mind, but… i think occasionally connected will be great, too often? its predictable. i want her to be her self without changing who she is and me too, will fit comfortably being my self.

walk into this journey together without expect someone we love being what we wanted, but indeed to appreciate and to strengthen who she is and who am i.

can’t wait for the next trip dear.


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