a cup of coffee


what do you think when you have a cup of coffee in the morning? do you have any preference in mind? how the roasted coffee smell could you lift up your mood? how smooth the taste for each coffee made? how bitter-sweet is it on your tongue when you just let it goes all the way down?

good coffee is really nice to taste and it just bring satisfaction to you. even i do not understand much about coffee very much but i do have coffee i like.

i like the smell of a good coffee. it will remind me and make me really miss it. i think appreciate smell pretty good but only it makes impression to me. there is a time when i went back home, on one corner of the house, there was a smell that i familiar with before and it made me stand there for a little while and my mind like a cassette which rewinded back to remember the event and how it brings me to remember back to that memory. i was missing you.

i drink coffee like everyday but not addictive to it, i can live without it with a sleepiness for a day and i will be good for the next day and i can even drink coffee at night and sleep nicely after that.

one thing that can not make me sleep at night is a thoughts. which does not want to stop to think and it just keep going and going until you are tired, the eyes is too heavy to open and body is too weak to wake up but it still keep running. most of the time what i will do is to switch on the classical/jazz music longer. music can influence your mood, you want to get it deeper or you want to hype up, it could. for me, most of the time it works, and i could sleep soundly.

back to the taste. after all, coffee that i like is from Toast box for its Black-Coffee, kind of a little thick and not too sweet. and starbuck for the my all the time favorite,Caramel Machiato. i like sweetness of its caramel and the smooth of the coffee in it.

i did have and try coffee luwak, the world most expensive coffee. it s simply have the earthy taste. what make it expensive is that the coffee fruits from the tree are eaten by this animal and it go through all the process in the stomach and here we go! the farmer will collect the bean from the ground. that is why it is expensive.

Coffee keeps you awake and aware plus focus on what you are doing at work or at home.

Research say drink a cup of coffee before exercise could motivate you to go further.

i need a good coffee now.


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