wedding & friends

i was attending my friend’s wedding last saturday (11 Feb 2012).

A close friend of mine. we first met like 4 years ago and a group of us become close to one another and cool enough after these years we never have a big fight. – mature enough i guess.

As a friend, we respect one another, embrace everyone attitudes and characters. its a quality of everyone that enrich each other life.

Quarrels and misunderstandings did happen sometime but you can counted it with fingers and it resolve pretty soon. when one is gonna “take” the rest gonna “give”. everyone has an ego, thats normal.

We like knowing each other attitudes and i would say we are still learn about one another.

Every year, we will go for a trip. other friend will join-in — interesting thing about every trips, everyone know his or her own role, none of other gonna take over it to be like one man show and it is not going to happen that way.

Every activities we decided together.

And in the wedding, Pastor said one thing i could remember vividly. He said, Just remember that you were made different.

His strengths might be her weaknesses and Her strengths might be His weaknesses, enrich and support each other life.

Marriage is like a bottle of wine, as it get older the bottle might be looked rusted and dusted outside but the wine inside is getting sweeter.

Even after marriage for few years now, i am still learning about my wife – sometime at night when i sleep beside my wife, i looked at her and i thanks God for given me such as a wonderful woman, “the pastor said.

Have a new blissful journey of life, friend..!!


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