Get It All Done

i re-write my resolution for this year.

i have been living for 30 years of my life. lets say i will live for another 30 more years or 40 more with a 10 years addition at the end of it, i will to spend more time with my wife, a retirement life. by the time (60 years old), i expect my children has grown up to stand alone.

i want to do what i love to do.

i wanted to open business instead of working with people. i want to have something to stand on, something i love to do and something i really enjoy doing it.

there is one most important thing, i need to settle down my feeling, place it on the right one and let it grow from there.

another one is keep my self up, i want to be a change person, a different attitude and a self control. it really difficult when feeling is touched. it brushes out your mind to think logically and let the moment to take place, it control almost everything, from your mood, motivation, self discipline, focus and even it mess up your plans.

last one is to keep a good work in relationship at home or social life outside. give will be more a significant area i need to improve with.

Lets Rock & Roll!


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