Christmas Day

its a year where Christmas is really happening, wrapping gifts for other and received so many gifts too.



everyone is a Santa to other. I was encouraged by the attitude of brothers and sisters. they buy many gifts to bless other in this joyful occasion. they simply put a cheerful smile in every time gift is given.

such as strong bonding is grown. i feel the relationship is a lot better improved this year. even it was a new structure began about 6 months ago, even some still can not let go previous group. but a new dynamic group is endorsed to accept a gratitude too.

changes always difficult to accept but everyone is losing out that pride a little bit more humble and receptive in this occasion. its a great christmas gift.

a card is written to say a Thank You and to say Encouraging Words,
written heartly to say a Blessing words,
meant to say how you have been making an impact,
to say always have Faith and continue to Serve and Grow in Him.

Its one of the best many paragraphs you ever read, it is kind of a heart warming essay by them. Thank You, Santas!

Felices Fiestas, Happy Holiday, Joyeuses Fetes!


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