simply plain pain

when you are sick, you are look really damn ugly. no blood flow to your face, no mood, simply plain expression.

today, i feel like sick.
i got the back pain (from physical activity on saturday) and i think my back muscle not ready and work harder on tug of war game without a proper stretching and warming up. another pain was my stomach and i trying to find word for my stomach pain and i called it, stomach upset.

every time i take a deep breath, i need to release it slowly. it feels like there is a link from my breath to my back pain and the stomach. i feel the pain, the feeling of upset too.

these few days, it happens all the time after lunch. may be my tummy is getting bigger and heavier after lunch? i did read some article, actually if you have a big tummy (mine not really big, but like growing), you tend to have a backpain. see the guys with beer tummy (we called it that way, coz beer can make your tummy bigger unlike wine or liquar). i guess pregnant woman has backpain too, but woman tend to have more elastic muscle than man.

every time it happens, i feel i need to lie down to keep my back straight and it can help a little bit. probably at office, we sit most of the time. even you are healthy, its not good really. so move around.

i have no mood over it, not feeling really good about my self today.

when i see my self in the mirror just before go back home in office toilet, i feel my hair is too long, untidy, oily and my eyes look so tired, no excitement over that face, i try to smile.. hihihihihi… cheese.!!!. and it simply look awkward.

it is really true when people say, the eyes is the window of you. to look through the eyes, you can see how is that person doing. mad?excited? loved? hate? or simply bored.

what a plain monday and pain days.


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