a week of fast

fasting week (5-9)
Praying for more love and compassion

“Fasting confirms our utter dependence upon God by finding in Him a source of sustenance beyond food”

by Dallas Willard

on monday.
i think i want easy one, then i decided to skip breakfast and coffee and i was happy with it not until noon time after lunch.

my eyes was getting heavier than before, my mind started to think about my bed. it was really difficult to keep out the sleepiness.

i tried to have a tea as a substitute for my coffee, one glass seem so refreshing, but only could stayed awhile where my dream about my bed was coming back again then i have another tea again.

by the time, its almost there, almost 6.30pm, knocked off time.

soon, i will be in my home, sleeping. that was the intention but funny, i could not sleep when i reached home.

second day, its tuesday.
same, skip breakfast and coffee. this time i manage to pull through the day with no many sleepiness like the first day.

third day, wednesday.
it was easy so this morning i decided to skip lunch, but going to have my breakfast and coffee back.

it was around 3, my stomach was asking for permission to have something, i was hungry. so i drink more water and a little cheat of cookies, only one though. lets called it tea break. 😀

all i tried was to concentrate more to my work than my stomach, 6.30pm was like forever long, it was really long.

after work, i rush back home, reached AMK
mall, the first thing i have was a banana fritter then i go around to buy something for dinner. feel like the one of the best dinner i ever have.

fourth day, today, thursday
i skip lunch too and everything seem so well. let see tomorrow, i will probably will decide to skip dinner. but every time i want to skip dinner, i am afraid i can not sleep at night. i heard can have supper right? mmm.

at night, my sisters, sister’s husband, mom and i went for dinner at ayam penyet and walk to somerset after it. on it way, all of them wanna go for toilet break. so we stop at the heeren, the mall i seldom visit and most of the time, never even have an intention to go inside.

as i was waiting for them, i walk around. there is unique store just like many other, selling many unique accessories, bags and notebooks but what caught my eye was the t-shirt, i was looking for this kind of t-shirt for quiet sometimes already and then i asked, how much is that? its 25.90 bucks. that was a good price i thought and the sale person said, if you wanna see more, we have a store at level 4.

until all of them come back, i asked them to accompany me to the forth floor. as expected, this mall was not crowded at all, pretty empty.

reach forth floor, we got this sign “WTF” with many close stores around, i was surprise at first and my first reaction was the the same. but i saw small text below it, i get closer and it say “Welcome To FourSkin“. and the arrow pointed to the other side. Lols, we all laugh. then i said to them, “WTF?” Want To Follow? haha..

and we reach the store. i go directly to all the t-shirt session. look around like few minutes, i got the color i wanted, size m and go to fitting room. nice..

i like the way they arrange all the colors, from light to dark, even red color they do have the gradient. it was just look nice. i wish to arrange like that in my cupboard.

and i found this simple design, color, and the material, i always like dark color and the price is just nice, it cost me 16.90-18.90 for one for and i have no choice.

end of sudden-death shopping, i got 6 t-shirts (2 of old school shirts, 3 of simple design, 1 v-neck) including t-shirt for my dad and spend like 128 buck that night.

thats all for this christmas season and i satisfy with it. i seldom go to shopping but it was easy for me to decide. when i doubt or slow to decide, it simply mean i am not convinced enough.

last day, tomorrow. today.
it doesn’t seem so difficult actually. tomorrow will have a big breakfast before going out for physical activity, band of brother.

time to pray.

have a great weeks ahead, festive season is in, holiday mood everywhere.


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