Not being somebody else

Being our self is hard enough, why? 
I am trying to be one hundred percent me and frankly it never been there though. sometimes I compromise.

God has given you one face, and you make yourself another.

by William Shakespeare

I am liking this quote, as I did remember reading a saying by other author. It said, many of us are other people, our thoughts are someone else’s opinion and we live in mimicry.

I compromise because, there is a consideration you need to take toward other which you will allow other’s. opinion to come into your life, direct and in-directly we are influenced and we are changed by many opinions around us but its ours to choose.

There are things you will not compromise, it makes your self personally you, people see your character, your principles and people respect that.

And there are things that you can compromise to make you a supportive people, adaptable, flexible and a team player.

Beside, being our self is not one party show, its both. its collaboration, its two ways communication. You and your friend, you and your society.

Being true our selves is what other people wanna see us and living in society we should learn about other people too.

All of these does not make you a hypocrite.

You hold on something that you believe, but being humble to the changes also a character grow.

Critics and comments are improvement and perspective that we can not see.

How could you think somebody’s else opinion is not worth to think of when it mean to improve our self?

Why would you want to be somebody else when being our selves is difficult enough.


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