a single decision bring new story

I woke up earlier this morning, but after 30 minutes my eyes was going to sleep again. I have to serve this morning I said to my self and it still like 2 hours before 9 in the morning to take a shower, so I decided to sleep again.

Bad decision! I woke up with heavy eyes, like a sleepless night, with all the body seem to be too tired to get up.

Dragging my body up to my cupboard and choose a shirt and damn! it is not iron yet. I walk lazily to extension room near bath room to just switch on the iron and then I took a bath.

Brushing my teeth with my favorite toothpaste while sitting on toilet bowl, multitasking. It was the best thing to do in the morning, man.

Suddenly I remembered my conversation with my friend, in that conversation I did talk about my wrong major I took in university and that decision bring me here.

After graduated, I went home for helping my Dad and try to work in jakarta for about a year and then decided to come to singapore.

That major in Art (suppose to be engineering) I took in malaysia that give me a chance to come here as the field is more widely needed and a certificate I obtained from there gave a little lift-up and of course all projects I did every semester in university time. It was like every subject for every project but out of 5, one will be the major one in every semester.

Mostly I took care of the project and my friend do the documentation and presentation as I was weak in these both skills. This was when I really struggled in my final year where I had to write up for my own individual project.

Dissertation and presentation are another important parts in every project, I took it for granted. A good one could lift up the project on overall view and a not-so-good will influence in overall perspectives.

And in one particular semester, there was one smart girl in the class, that time she approached me to work on one project, I didn’t mind. She did the documentation, presentation and manual, I was not please with the design of the manual when it comes out, so i asked “but, how are you going to explain this?” , “Let’s meet our lecturer” she urged. I was amazed when she present it to our lecturer. the way she explained just make sense, I thought the design was not so good, but it was something new she brought out of usual way, the way she explain was matter the most. I learned something from her.

I think,
“Every decision leads to different story.

It was probably a single major decision we had made and with many minor ones that either embrace it or no at all.

Every decision will make a interesting story or just an ordinary simple one.

We decide.


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