Thanksgiving Day

Today is a thanksgiving day.
It celebrates in united state in the forth week of Thursday in november.

What I should thanks for?
My Company and colleagues who I have been working with for the past 4 years plus, it was a tremendous opportunity to learn from all of you and it continues till now as I still feel the same excitement to come to work.

My Community, Friends and people around me who help me grow as a person in term of character and attitude. Being able to learn from their life and the character they have shown such a great blessing and gratitude for everything they do.

My Dad and mom who have provided me with anything I need and care plus love they have shared to all of us. My sisters in hometown who look after our parent and My sisters who we live in the same roof, clash and argument sometimes make thing more clearly visible and grow our character and bonding. Her husband, as additional person to this house and take a care of my sister.

I thank God for all these blessing upon me. Thanks for giving me a chance to know Him.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


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