It’s about moments, feelings and stories

Relationship is not about perfection.

It is about moments, feelings, and stories being shared.

An interesting say by someone else, someone I do not know but I admittedly agree with this statement. It said the most important things that happen and to be shared in relationship.

The moment when you feel happy with someone, the moment you shared small important things and laugh together with a silly things you ever do and how funny you will remember the stupid things you guys do together.

There was a time when I was in age of 13 or 14 years old, in junior high school.

I have a close friend and we were just totally different (character, religion & background)

That day, My close friend was challenged by someone to fight. That guy set the time and place to meet. My friend told me this, ” I need you to be there and just look after me if there is unfair thing happen when I fight him, and don’t worry, I can take this guy “. 

I did not even think twice, I just said OK, We go together tomorrow after school. But the fight never happen. 

We were in different classroom, different friends in school and outside but we are a good friend and stay near to each other.

That day, I slept at noon in his house after playing and for the first time I ate vegetable. I never like vegetable before but I was there after woke up in living room. 

His mom said, “We only have this”. 

I said, “Its ok, I eat everything” as I lie. 

We finished our food and then watch our favorite cartoon. after that we took shower outside the house, it’s a shared well (sumur), we need to use a pile with rope to take the water. 

Then I went home with my wet cloth, to tell my mom to cook that vegetable dish for me next time, it was a simple nice dish of cabbage soup (sup sayur kol).

Another day, he join my group of friend cycling to the forest. The road is like riding up and down, sometime chased by the dog, our main activity was to swim in the old reservoir, after playing with water, we do kind of sunbathing because without a towel we have to dry out our body by jumping, then we search for fruits to eat and the last thing we do was going up to the highest point and cycling down. 

There was the point when accident happen, out of control 2 of my friend fall from bicycle and injured their face. My close friend is one of them. He was crying, he was afraid to go back, he was just worry about anything, then he went to my house to clean the wound and put the medicine and ask my aunt to talk to his mom.

A moment that always bring the memories back to present, a past that either make you happy or crying. A moment that have been shared together, a moment that have been treasured the most.

It’s about the connections and communications between people around you and your self.

When we reluctant to share what we thought, what we feel, what we need and even a simple single unimportant things. How other is going to understand us? Guessing? Assuming? Isn’t that best possible chance you give other not to understand you and best possible chance you give other to determine who you are instead you should tell them who you are.

We live in this planet as we are unperfected human being but beautifully created creature. Most of us tend to judge other by only a very little things or even one single statement.

Do not judge book by its cover as you do not know what is inside. Do not see how nice the food is as you do not know how its taste like. So read the book and taste the food then now you can give a comprehensive idea and story about it and it’s always better to read and taste it by your self, because everyone has their own opinion, you have yours too.

Share every moments, every feeling, and every stories.


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