Whole day like a long day

Bored. This is the only word comes out all the day long.

Yesterday nite, I did not sleep really well. Woke up at 2 in the morning, because of dream and again at 4am, a bad dream though. I thought I did wash my foot before sleep. I was always remember my mom told me to wash my foot before sleep when I was small.

I stay awake for a while to try to remember about the dream and then fall sleep again.

Right in the morning, usual time when I have to wake up. I got headache, kind of heavy on my head not that dizzy thing. I SMS my head and cc my HR, I need MC leave today. Actually I just need to rest at home and everything will be fine, but I have to go to clinic just to get an MC letter.

At the clinic I told doctor, I could not sleep last nite and this morning I have an headache, kind of heavy head like that. Not dizzy though. Stress? Doctor asked, I said, I don’t know. I think I can handle all the things in office.

So doctor check my chest and back, get the medicines, pay and go. I will throw the medicines anyway because I don’t like medicines especially from doctor. I never like to take medicine since young, I am fortunate I was seldom sick.

Back to bored.
After the clinic, I want to eat at my favourite stall and it is not opened today. So I have to settle with chicken rice. Pass by the mini market, I stop for a while and find a potato chips to compliment my chicken rice. I have milk at home so it’s perfect lunch.

Whole day, I stay at the home. It is really boring. I never like stay whole day at home. At least I need to go out to get some fresh air, at least I will go for jogging but at noon, the rain started to pour out. Just a perfect boring night.

Because of headache, no more excited about reading some news or books. So I wash my cloth and while waiting for it, I listen to music and laying down on my bed. Anyway, I manage to sleep for 2 hours to forget my boringness. 😀

I don’t like any day like this. I don’t like being sick too. Because it impacts your mood to do anything. I think when we are sick, it’s our body that reflect it out which actually our inside that is not well.

Whole day like a long day to spend.


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