Just a silent sign

In the office, these few days are very long days, many things to do. My colleague went hometown for his wedding ceremony and I was the one who have to handle his task lists and my own task too.

Tonight, I went for dinner with my sister. once a week we will go out for dinner because we seldom meet.

Every morning she go to office, I will be still at my bed and when I reached home, she already asleep. only saturday or sunday we will meet in the morning for breakfast (not too often). sometimes I woke up late or go for badminton.

I was on my way to orchard, I was in the train, the first cabin just behind the driver seat and in front of me two people speak sign language, gave each other gestures of wording from hand’s movement or an expression from their face to support what they are talking about and sometimes from their lips, its like they try to speak it out but no sound.

Then I try my self to be silent. For a moment I was stunned, I feel I could not express nor describe the paragraph the way I want it. I feel really desperate to be able to convey my message across, I feel desperate to be able to master the sign language at that moment, all that hand gestures. I felt so difficult at that point of time.

huh.. at last, I reached orchard and walk out of train. Still thinking about it why I felt so difficult or desperate to get people understand me at that point of silent.

Did I put too much pressure on people’s expectation to be as simple as they want to hear or simply I try too hard to get them understand what I mean?

Even we speak different language, we all have the same expectation, trying to figure out how to convey the message correctly so that can be understood by the other party.

Interesting how we try to get people to understand us, it means, we still have difficulty in communication.


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