Responsible needed?

It’s in my draft as I have no time to look it again.

Today it was a discussion on Wed, 12 Oct 2011.

A friend of us bring and lead us into an interactive discussion. Only given a paper with Y and N on each side if it. It was a very interesting and fun, kind of unusual but everyone like it.

There is one particular question.
Is it wrong to skip service or LG ( Life Group )?

Everyone start to think, all datas from previous generation was like retrieving back to the surface. As much as you want to find out the answer and support it. Then we have to raise our paper and show what we thought the answer within minutes.

I was a little bit doubt about it between this two, so many situation will be either Yes or No. But Responsibility! Thats word comes across suddenly and then with a little doubt I choose Yes, It is wrong.

Then I have to sit with friends that have the same answer and it’s only 4 of us! The rest about 12 people said, No. My doubt getting bigger, lols. My leader is there and all core team are there too. It increases my nervous system slowly. But Nothing wrong or right about the answer.

Then we were given time to discuss about it. Why we choose Yes and why we choose No.

As we discuss, I get inspiration from this friend, he showed me one verse to support his statement and make my answer a certain thing but how will I explain it?

Nervous, i just simply said ; as a Christian, we have responsibility to come to the service and Life Group.

So here is my thought about it, why I said responsible is the key word here.

Why are we here (in this service and life group)?
You want to praise and worship the lord, don’t you? You want to listen to the testimony or sharing, don’t you? and you want to learn one or two from teaching or discussion, don’t you?

Then why all these are important?

Because you are responsible to grow in Him by paying attention to the teaching or discussion. Because you are responsible to glorify His kingdom by doing sharing about His blessing, grace and mercy in your life. and Because you are responsible to impart your life to other people around you by learning, absorbing and understand anything about Him.

And beside that, because you are responsible to be accountable to people in here (church and life group) and protect one another by reminding, poking, encouraging.

So being part in a service and life group, is a responsibility you have to equip your self. The impact is very big in your life and people life around you. See — how much you can change the world? you are doing a great job by doing something significant as a habit.

Responsible needed.


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