Funny might be

I was set younger back there, in late teens, excited, fun and full of activities.

That day, It was late at nite, we were just coming back from somewhere, with my dad and mom.

I was feeling happy and light and run up the stair to second floor of my house. It’s not even like my house but i feel that i knew the house. I went straight to to my room.

There were 2 bedrooms on second floor and a living room too.

Before I open my door’s room, I saw a glance at corner of my eye and turned my head to the right side.

I saw a leg of somebody standing on the other side of the room.

I was so curious, so chased him, I could not see the face but back of somebody running into the other room, he was like a 10 years old boy in pajama.

Then I took my guitar from living room to knock the door and no response I received, the door was still close. I didnt force it or call my parent.

Then I decided to go back to my room (the staircase on my left side) but before I open the door, I saw boy’s leg again!

This time, to get the vision clear, I walked down to staircase a few steps.

Now!! I could see what I want to see clearly. The boy, he was standing there and just simply stand with natural looking. Not tried to scare me not even smile at all, but I could see in his eyes an excitement I guess, he was standing there just like wanted to play with me, or ready to run again.

For a little a while, I paused and looked at him, Then inside my head rushly I remember that there were only 3 of us at home! then who is this boy?

Who are you?! What are you doing here?! I said.

He stand still, and the excitement in his eyes was still there.

Suddenly a nervous spreads all over my body.
This time I shout a little bit louder, Why you are here?!! Whats….

Then I awoke! It’s just a dream though..!! Aah.. (lega..)

This is an interesting discover I thought.–

In an awake world, someone beside me woke me up and said, you were shouting unclearly.

ng…! ng…!! Ung…!! Ng….!!!
in some point it hit high and low

O ya?!! I asked.
Ya,! That’s why I woke you up. I thought you have a bad dream.

Then, I tried to remember back to my dream, the last intense conversation I had was with the boy.

I spoke clearly in that dream! but grumbling in an awake world.

Suddently In my wild thought, funny might be but logically acceptable. Hehe…

All animals speak thier own language that being understood by each of their kind.

But we (human) called it, dog’s barking, bird’s chirping, monkey’s shouting, Pig’s Oink oink and so on because we dont get it, just like someone whom woke me up.

Interesting isnt it? I thought they speak clearly in their world just like me in my dream, I spoke clearly too. 😀

But in an awake world, people could not understand. So we call dog’s barking, bird’s chirping, monkey’s shouting, Pig’s Oink oink.. etc

Funny might be.. 😀


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