Half year of life

A day to remember when you were born to this world, it was innocent and peaceful in mind.

All are just a good things, not distorted.

Every single moves you make, its simply you are interested to know.

Every single gestures you make, its simply you want to show them what you understand.

Every single smile you make, its simple you want to show how beautiful the world is.

Every year marks every single improvement about everything around you.

Learn to understand, learn to speak a few word, learn to run and on on.

Now you are turn in a fun year (10 years below). Going to school, meeting new people, trying new foods, drinks, play games and start the distortion about this world.

First time you feel disappointment, anger over someone you just call a friend, fall down and cry, fighting over something you really not understand, protecting someone you thought weak, giving up something for other… and so many other things you have learned..!!

In a year of teenager, another level of learning, another step of understanding, another achievement, improvement over your attitudes, habit and interesting new thing to explore, another creature called Girls.!!

Its really lovely i guess, first time you feel the butterfly on your stomach.. Lols.. First time you really excited to come to school, first time you concern over your school uniform, first time you try to style your hair, putting some gels on it, use some cologne and stand in front of mirror a little bit longer…

In every sports and extra curriculum activities, you are motivated to do it better and so many new things you want to learn outside school materials.

Its Beautiful isnt it? Indeed.

A year of 20s. Its getting serious, early year on university time, study abroad, speak new languages, new foods, new places and environment and news from hometown that my bestfriend had passed away.

The first hard year at university, adjustment.

Its a wrong major, suppose to take engineering but end up in Art. But I enjoyed it, even it’s a short 2 years, I got my degree. pretty fast, I was lucky, i didnt need foundation or english course coz of my high school result.

Short year but lots of stuffs, first year celebrate chinese new year in malaysia with malaysian friend and we did road trip!

Going back to home, helping dad and look around.

Then go to jakarta for a year, stay at dad’s friend home, its like a new family. I thanked for what happen there. Its a Simply Jakarta, not so clean, ribet dan ga nyaman.

So I decided to come to Singapore. Here I am. 6 years has passed.

Many things have happened, many thing have changed and many things have learned.

I am contented for what i have had. But there are still many things i have not accomplished.

It’s a HALF year of my life. A year of Family ahead.


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