if you have rules that never been broken. will you do it best? You wont be able to make it perfect and perhaps you could not do it right.

it is simple i think,
in your subconscious mind, deep inside your brain neutrons, this principle stick like a glue with all the emotions, nerves, thoughts. all these things will not work well, they change it’s own behavior and out of what they suppose to do easily.

and when you add a statement by your self and to your self, saying – “I can’t do it“, then nerves starts to shivering, it send signal through your dna and the action(outcome) become awkward & to its best, it could only perform and reaching half potential of it.

i believe, to make all our new action perform at its best, we need all to be prepared, synced and relax.

principles (something we hold on), thoughts (something new to embrace, it either to give riches new experiences or not at all), and last one is feeling (bringing it to nerves to give sensation to our brain)

there will be always a new experience in your life that you should embrace it as a part of life-time learning process in our life.

Whether is your first presentation, your first drama, your first kissing, your first responsibility as a new leader and list is on and on.

You want it to be done right from the first time you do, this is our human nature which it will add more complex process to your brain to connect all of these in one seamless communication.

as i think about it, I would say – you will do it right when you can accept it and do it perfectly is an expectation only. just enjoy it.

“When you think you can’t, you can’t” – its simple, so think you can, and you will.


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