Options & Support

Just a thought that come across my mind…

There are so MANY options available to you (Job, Career, Potential Partner, Business Oppporunity and on and on)

But, WHY only have few in front of you??

Because of your LIMITATION to find all.
this is what a conclusion that i found inside my brain.. 😀

OF COURSE, There is always a better one (for what you have now).
And a little bit sad i should say, Why you have to choose with what is ONLY available to you?

Isnt it i said, there SO many options?

Because CHANCES & TIME are rare to you.
another reasons

Successful person always CREATE chances and time for them. these OPTIONS become ENLARGED than ordinary one.

That is WHY, successful person have more options than other.
See! They have the advantages

What do you need then? I think we need…

This is the FIRST important one after one brilliant idea come out. It moves.

This will keep that idea alive.

This will not easy when other just can’t accept.

This is a big opportunity to learn.

This will keep you to the ground and where you from.

This will open that raw idea to turn it into mature idea.

Probably many more.

Frankly speaking, I lack at that GUT. This is biggest challenges than probably will make all my thoughts do not move.

I believe, opportunity can be created easily and i do belive too, i could increase the percentage of success to be bigger than normal.

I just have not found someone like friends or environment that encouragement me to push!


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