Simply do not prefer liar

Sunday afternoon…
Come across these issue in my life..

Since the beginning when I had felt ” lie ” is hurt, I was starting to dislike this kind of person, the worst feeling was to hate them. Well, I did.

Sometime, its so hard to trust someone and that make you harder to open to anyone. Is everyone a trust worthy? Heaven knows it’s n’t true at all. But thanks God, He creates few out there.

Dislike or till hating person who’s tell lie depend very much on the weight of relationship, the issues, and expectations I guess.

The closer relationship is, I feel the more compromise you will give. That’s really not a healthy method, but being too difficult too doesn’t make that person to realize the mistake.
So how? As simple as to give them a chance to build the trust.
– that’s what some expert say.

But how about me? The victim of lies.
I do not have a wise decision or a BIG heart (yet), simply I will start a new chapter with that person, a new chapter to take their word just like a dust.. I listen but never count on it (yet).
It’s just really hard for me to trust when it’s broken.

To be wise..
In this life you will across these kind of person, lucky you have few, not so good you have many.

” Shutting the door to people, you may also be closing your soul to the healing balm of another one. Relationships hurt but relationship also heal.”

See the quote? Think, the best thing what people expect is that, I have to rephrase my sentence.
….. Lucky you have many, not so good you have few. It will make you grow as a person.

Life is about the choice, whether you take the first sentence of mine of you choose second. Or perhaps. You have first then second.

Life is about learning. (yeah right, I have to learn not to hate that kind of person, it takes time)


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