Nothing to lose and proof, that’s beautiful..

What I am missing the most now is the excitement, release your feeling..

I am feeling everybody have moved on to the other stage of life, they are not doing the same things again..

There is a responsibility they have to take and consider other opinion before deciding the best decision they have to make..

everybody walk in their own way.. There is another fun thing on the other stage of life.

I am always miss the things I had done with my friends in the past where now not that easy to happen again.. It was a freedom in heart, enjoy very single moments, spend every time together.. Just release all the burden and enjoy it..

I guess, I do realize, I miss joking around and have an excitement together.
I realize, I have to spend my time meaningfully and enjoy it with all of them.
I realize, I will miss them very much.. When the time is come.

When you spend time with everyone that have nothing to lose.. It really a pleasure coz there is nothing to proof..

Life is pretty simple as this..
Changes are happening every corner of the life..


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