I am Missing something

As everyday in morning.. at 8.10 i will get up from bed and go to bath to get ready for work.. Just these few days, my mom and sister always there to greet me..

Hi.. “Where are you guys going..?” I will greet them, “market, have breakfast and buy something”, my sis said.

These few days, I will always remind my younger sister who is just graduated to buy newspaper and apply for job and i will talk to mom, “Mom, where did you guy go yesterday…? how was it going?” (if i did not go with them).

While I am drinking water, I will give them some idea of where they can go today and so on but if I can make it for dinner, I will tell them, where should we eat later.

And today… just today, another day… this moment precisely.

I am like missing something…

I feel like i want to go to somewhere… a peaceful places… peaceful breeze of the air… the green grass and no tall building at all.. kind of getaway stuff..

I am like really.. really wanted to be there… and i know… i will be there someday…

I prayed to the Lord, that He gonna guide me through these visions and lead there..

Seeing few places on the net, few countries which i seldom heard about it… all the images come out… and its just beautiful… beautiful places…

so big this world is and i am just here, around here..


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