When something does not go according what you want

Huh… This is my felling…

Tired and this thing does not work according what i want.
What the hack? I read many articles and follow what are their successfully way but does not work on me.. What???

I try to push to new idea, it seems there is a bright light. But again, the result is not there.. Hate it..! Rrrrrr….

I always try till it’s work and now, am pushing second last method, already fed-Up about this.. if this is not work.. I have to go for the last one….

hope I could find another idea before I should go for the last option.
Last option means there is no better way anymore.

People say, if you do not try, you will never know…. Hehe.. Then I should try and never give up..

Aa…aaa… Can’t wait for something to happen…

update :
The idea is try to find as many solutions as possible but choose wisely and then need a Patience.. time will tell, which is the best..


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