Back to younger age

There is a thought what if you go back to the past, in which age do you wanna it to be…?

I can easily answer it will be my early age as a child. Around 7 of age. Why?

Simply I love my child life..
My family and people around me and my live were full of fun and activities and friend around me…

I moved from my home town to this small town in province of Jambi and I was glad to be there.. It’s called Muaro Bungo.

New environment and new excitement that’s I guess was in my mind even now I always love new place/environment.. It bring the new things to play, new food & drink and new friend and what is more important is that the new surrounding, it bring something fresh to my mind…

Well, enough said. I always love the peace and how lovely my surrounding at that point of time.. Not only the people but the simplicity of peoples and thing.. Was not anything so complicated..

It’s just SIMPLE to love.


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