Dreaming of two worlds

the story of my dream begin like this.

at the stage where i am now, 28 years old man in a strange place, place where i have never been. never seen before.

it was so orange kind of color, kind of in a very dry and dusty place, with the dust flying around. some of them were twisted like tornado. i could not see very far, it was just like 2-3 meters.

i was running, running and keep running. running from something, it was like somebody is chasing me but i see none at my back as i stopped for awhile sometime. “may be i run faster“, i thought.

with my breath was getting heavy each step i took, i felt down to the ground on my knee. sigh… i was tired.

then slowly but clearly.
i saw the visibility was getting clearer from this dusty place as it was like washed away by the wind to the other direction. the first thing i saw was the barbed-wire fence. it remind me of camp in war zone time. i walked in and as i walked further i saw many peoples, its a small village! i said to my self. a relieved i felt at that moment.

as my breath was getting heavier and i was so tired, i fell on my knee and took a very depth breath.. huh.. uh… uh.. sighed..

slowly i noticed someone was walking toward me and he approached me. i could see clearly a middle aged man with very dirty and dusty cloth, unshaved bear, but surprisingly i did not smell anything from his body (as i try to smell)

he asked me to stand up and walk as he brought me to his house. i saw many house with broken walls and holes, so is his house. as i could really see clearly my surrounding, almost all the houses were built and designed alike. everybody were doing their work like a normal village life but strangely none of them was repairing their damage house.

what is this world? what is this situation?
their cloth remind me of dutch lady on condensed milk.

the scenery was very fantastic, simply amazingly amazed by my eye. with all the green grass every where, colorful flowers, the sunny sun about to raise or too fall i did not know, more like orange color as i saw from far before i reached this village. it was a beautiful village. its all so surreal,

Suddenly i was in his house, the lady looked so anxious, kind of worry or doubt. like somebody just look at the stranger from no where. i was just smile and said “hi“. she was just silent and replied me her cold smile. i was guessing, she must be his wife.

the man brought me up to second floor via this strange spiral-designed staircase, was very difficult to climb, so spiral and tiny, every step i took i have to hold on the wall. it was very narrow and dark. after we reached, he said, “stay there for a while“. so i just sat down and looking around those holes. it a small room just like a storage room below the roof. there was so little light going through. i was tired and did not care about this simple place. soon enough i laid down and felt sleep.

the next moment was when i woke up. it was like evening, i could see it from the sun that is set to down. i felt hungry tremendously. so i went down and walked out from the back of the house.

i saw everyone was still busy with their work.
some of them were cooking, from far i could see some man using machine to lifting up the bunch of chunky woods, some old man just sitting enjoying his cigarets at the back here and some children were playing and running around.

i greeted everyone with a smile, but everyone just like did not care. then i called this children, two of them, dressing like a monk, hi, how to say, “i am hungry“. i was like in a strange places, i did not know what language they use, it was funny. but one of them say some sentences. (but i forgot here.. —-..) i didn’t understand, then i just took my walk again. i saw this familiar man, who gave me a place to hide. yes, to hide.

as my walk getting faster. i was approaching him. i said, hi… how could i get a penny? i can do some work here. he said, “the man in the office” as he pointed the small office. his said his name (i forget) then i said, “thank you“.

i walked there and approached the office guy, and in hurry said “when could i work?” at this point of situation, i was really in need for money to feed my self, starving.

half standing he was tidying up many paper work. as i was waiting for the answer, i looked around, and it more clear to me that this place a like a mining (timber). in front of me, was the office, a little bit high above the ground and at the back of office is a thick forrest.

facing the small hill on my right side was a field with so many machines were lifting stones and tree.

close to me, few meters, its a canteen, made from tree trunks with high ceiling. all the plates and glasses were made from aluminum. there is no concrete stones in the canteen and office.

it a little bit Weird!.. on my back side, is the path that i just went through, a path to my hiding house and all the houses were made from the solid stone, painted in white and has a beautiful scenery and this canteen? it was all made from wood..!

it was two different views, like two different worlds. it is before and after, it is past and future, it was beautiful and it is now not.

as i was thinking about surrounding me, the hunger fill in me again. this is the first time in my life that i feel so so so hungry and without a penny on my hand..!

As the weather were getting colder and colder. i feel the need to earn something to feed my starving stomach and cold body.

but suddenly i woke up from my dream and i said to my self, “weird dream but it is a nice place..! where is it..?

i like dreams. it brings me to many new places, strange new peoples, a beautiful stuff and many things.

i believe these places created from my own thoughts plus imagination from so many pictures of beautiful places, peoples, things i had seen before.


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