Two + 2

Let’s start by saying this.
Two individuals have two hands each. If you have one thing, you would be able to share the load between those two pairs of hands. Now is we have another one. each pair of hands is full now.

Since the birth of our first child. We have been sharing our load together. Sometimes on my hand and hers could be rested.

Now we have a second child! The load still could be shared but no pair of hands that is empty. It’s Full!

The second child is breastfeeding, so she stays with her mom most of the time. Sleepless nights (one hour sleep wake up and hope it’s getting better by the time she is older) and she always want to sleep in the hand, it’s more warm and comforting.

While for second-born, we have to cook, prepare his tea break (school time), and ironing his uniform beside all the house chores you need to take care of.

It’s really full!

But, every day, in the early morning, I could still find a small time of delight to go out to have my breakfast and come back with the grocery for today’s meal or/with tomorrow’s meal.