Es Teller // Fruit Cocktail
Sate Padang // Red Colour Sauce Padang Satay
Soto Ayam // Chicken Soto
Pempek Kapal Selam // Submarine-styled Fish Cake
Durian Hutan // Durian
Es Kacang // Red Bean Cocktail
Roti Bakar Bandung // Bandung-styled Grilled Bread
Jariang Balado // Spicy Pea
Petai Cabe Ijo // Parkia Speciosa Green Chilly
Gethuk //
Teh Talor // Eggyolk Tea
Nasi Bakar Ayam Rica Rica // Grilled Coconut Rice
Lontong Sayur // Curry Vegetable Lontong
Es Buah // Iced Fruits Cocktail
Sate Kacang // Peanut Sauce Satay
Jagung Bakar // Grilled Corn
Nasi Padang // Mixed Rice Donuts

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