Today Verse

its in June 18th, exactly a month ago.
i received a book for devotion routine. i like this small book pretty much, my hesitation to open bible being refreshed with a real life story day by day.
thank you dear , love you.

i learned to understand from different perspective with examples given. it stirs my heart and shakes mind to analyze my day as individual or my life as a whole big picture. i am still learning though.

this is the first page i read and how important it was at the beginning to encourage me to continuously read.

Your word I have hidden in my heart, that i might not sin against You

(Psalm 119:11)

the story tells about grandpa Abram and his best friend Eli. they would often share scripture verses back and forth. a bit of competitive spirit resulted in their admission that Eli could cite more references while grandfather could recite more verses.

his practice of memorizing scripture became a lifeline for him when he lost his physical sight.

But why is it important that memorize the Word of God?

in Psalm 119,
it gives us instruction on how to follow God by hiding His Word in our heart. First, in this way, we arm ourselves when temptation comes (v11; Eph. 6:17). Then we meditate on His Word, we could to know Him better.

Finally when His Word etched in our minds, we are better able to hear His voice when He instructs and guides us.

we use those phrases of Scripture as we talk with Him, worship Him, and teach or witness to others (Col. 3:16).

The Word of God is Living and powerful (Heb 4:12)

in the booklet has its prayer, short, humble and powerful.
“Lord, Your Word is a treasure–priceless and beyond compare. i’m not the best at memorizing but i do want Your Words to saturate my mind and heart. Please use Your Word in obvious ways in my life today. amen.”

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Side Notes

i feel right


i was on my way to futsal court, met friend inside the bus..


i was thinking about you.
i feel right.
you are someone who could hold me stand where should i stand.

for many weaknesses i do have, you tolerate me.
for my naughtiness that sometimes could drive you crazy and mad, you show who you are.

for your honesty, i learn.
for your loves, i care.
for every hug you give, i feel comfort.

through the good, the bad and the ugly.
love you.

note. i got something “in” empty box i gave to you the other day.

Special Day

taste every drop

on friday, 1st of June. its our 50th date in our 4th month.

This life is great and exciting at the same time.
it brings so many unpredictable moments, peoples and blessings in your life.

it brings you someone that you love and care so much.
it brings you someone that you did not realize was there for quiet long and to be someone to share your life with.

sometimes, it brings unpleasant moment. feeling freaking sucked-up, it was like drowning into deep ocean… deep… very deep… until you can’t breath.. a moment that you thought you were so tired.. really tired..

But a moment after, it brings so much love after all the struggles you had been going through. When you feel you can’t breath, it gives you a biggest ever field so you can take a bigger look and dip beneath into as much as oxygen. When you feel so weak, it gives you prayers and great people around to strengthen you.

Life such as brilliant thing created to treasure it.

People always said quarrels will bring a breakthrough. agree and disagree about it. i still believe, communication is the most important element exclude all other important things that are essential in relationship.

sharing thoughts and feeling honestly, listen with humble heart and encouraging each other to share.

not an easy task, learning to understand the person is continuous effort, spending your time together, using up your energy, some time overly-worked your thoughts to try to understand that person because you care and you want to learn to understand your partner.

the best thing is not to assume anything.

its the 50th of our dates and about more than a hundred days. does not count on group setting with friends or attending church services. even many thing we have learned and grown one another, but there are always other new thing we discover, its exciting.

like a simple story about giving.

a glass full of water, where water could not be poured-in anymore. it will drop out of glass and wasted.

and when you start giving out, your glass will create a space for new things to come in, will bring new and refreshing thing into your life.

i think this short story is really cool, like really cool! ought to start giving and expecting less.

and never take for granted the thing that you love.

see here, everyday is a starting day for new thing in life. even in our life. we see new different thing, a new perspective, a chance to grow, a time to treasure.

every morning is a new beginning.. lets do it!

today (6th of July) shows another grow in our communication. thank you dear for your courage to speak lovingly. thank you for your sharing and initiative to make this relationship a beautiful and fruitful one for you and me.

still very much in love.