Adjusting the light and sealing the cover

in a town of quiet harbor, the grass blown by the wind like a dancing carnival. the sand draws the line between the land and sea. a beautiful clear sky.

birds are playing around and singing with melody everyone could enjoy, a peaceful place in a quiet afternoon on a swing chair.

the sun is about to set in an hour. an orange color wash out the sky, the reflection of beautiful sun is about to say good bye with the smile on its face. given his time through the day. “a pleasure to serve the earth with all its beautifully people, flowers, plants, animals and all smallest things, see you till the next morning

on the other side, on the path to the boat, left behind a box and a bulb.

the night has come, all the stars shine twinkly and a brightest moon greet every dark sea with its smile. a surrounding is becoming dimmer, few boats are floating in the middle of the sea not too far from the harbor. it was a cold windy night.

stage-early/adjusting and aligning each other expectation.
the box is starting to get afraid of darkness and bulb is getting colder.
everyone has different routine before being together in relationship, this is a process on how each of us to take and give each other.

learning to understand the needs of each other.

stage-mid/accepting is seeing imperfections perfectly.
the capability of box and bulb is not extra ordinary but simple for what they are to be made.
no one is perfect, everyone lack of something. it might not suit you. it might not please you.

its acceptance and love that to see and appreciate what are good things about each other, and tolerate about the no-so-good one.

stage-halfway/protecting and guarding each other.
this part probably the hardest and challenging part in relationship. guarding each other heart from outside temptation, a flirt from somebody else, or comparing ours with other couple will make us think too much and demand more from each other.

we grow to love what we have, because every relationship has their own and different things to go through.

when the box is unable to protect bulb from cold nor bulb could lighten up the surrounding for box anymore.

when the box is losing its qualities and when bulb losing its brightness

will they still able to appreciate each other?

— end of story

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
(1 Cor 13:4-7)



it is a nice place to enjoy the scenery, as you could see the city of singapore and one of the place where you could enjoy variation of kites.


Marina Barrage


A pool of obedience

new beginning

There is a pool of obedience.
from a pretty small world to the biggest one where the challenges are much better and bigger.

A place where faith and obedience pour one another with commitment.

A step toward something extra ordinary. A sincerity to remember that His grace is awesome.

Sometime we could only see when we look back for all things we had done and look at present time, how we have been blessed.

God works in his amazing way through out these years.

The shortest journey-story I have as christian. Here we go…

Stage : Getting to know & change (sowing)
I was in a group called Uriel (the light of God), led by Yen Nee. that was the first time when I got to know Him in my life and this was where all started and the seeds had being planted.

She taught me many things about Christianity and how I use to ask her lots of questions and she did answer me with her view and made me understand about in an easy way.

Yen Nee is a great leader with love, care and compassion heart.

Stage : Decision & touched (harvest)
Split unto smaller group, here I am in a group called Adonai (God is Lord), it define our role as a servant of our lord, formed a new one under new leadership. a humble man, Joni. musically talented guy.

He brought different feeling into this group under his leadership. being obedience and humble in serving the God.

This is where I feel I want to make my decision and I received Jesus on our church conference when Ps. Jeff was praying for altar call. I was touched and filled with amazing feeling flow into my body. I felt really good.

Joni is a people leader with a big heart for everyone and a faithful one by example.

Stage : Commitment & support.
The restructuring happened and formed 4 big groups, erected one leader for each group to lead 3/4 previous leaders.

From my previous group, I was alone joining this group called BeAT (Be a Transformer) and I am always like new environment and new people. No problem for me to come to new environments and to get to know new people. I am quite good at it.

A new leader bring what I have missed the most from a leader. Direct, firm, know what to do and have a vision. These are the qualities I hope to expect and he got it. This guy is a doer.

He trust you, he push you and stand beside you. If I was to fall, he was like a stone at the back holding me there. Its a moral boast, he gives you confident. That is my compliments for him.

He is a leader by examples, firm and believe in his troops.

In this group after a year, this is the time. I jumped into the water (baptised) and woke up into the new beginning of my life.

stand for what you believe and own your life!, courage
sometimes in year 2010

as what you are doing as christian right now, it will be the same, encouragement
april 2012

sometime we forgot all the smallest things He has done for us, blessing
easter, first day 2012

believing everything is gonna be great and just do it!, faith
easter, second day 2012

you are serious about your choice, believe
easter, last day 2012

its an act of obedience, identifying and declaring, baptism
minutes before. sunday 8 april 2012

note. I had missed many encouragement words but i will try to add in.


What to do with your lips

do you think communication is an easy thing? as we talk, as we listen, as we observe, as we opinion, as we touch, as we react, as we moves, as we gesture, as we sign, as we smile and as we do many things to communicate.

it is not such a simple thing but complicated yet it involve not only listening but understanding and proper responding.

for one of the most used common thing we do in communication is talking, but talking too much does not mean we communicate well, does not mean our message is delivered well, does not mean other people understand about it.

in our social life, we communicate pretty much connected and sometime with the best friend of ours when we thought we have a really good chemistry and know them really well. we still have a clash or misunderstanding. its normal, as we learn, we grow.

two interest things, there are still room for improvement in our communication and we are always learning about them through-out our life.

it a matter of our heart.

as we speak what we thought, we speak what we feel.

the good man brings out the good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks. (Luke 6:45)

sometimes anger bring us down, put us in a situation we do not want to commit but we did.

for most of our time, we still learn about anger management, learning to control our thought because we love people around us, we want them to know our opinions but in the same time we do not want to hurt them.

we are who we are for most of the time, not when we have an anger, because we are influenced by awful situation and it build up our defensive shield to protect us from disappointment.

for lips are merely the messenger of our heart. it flows what inside us. though our upbringing and personality are the factor. if our word are selfish and loving. it is because we are selfish and loving.

as christian, we can changed by seeking God’s help and with holy spirit working in us can help us to will and act according to His purpose.

invite the holy spirit to change our hearts, our speech will be characterised by love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.

ear is the most important tool. we learn to grow in our listening, grow in our understanding. but for the most of important one is to listen carefully and get what they are trying to say, the underlying concern of the message.

as we always know that we were given two ear to listen more than we speak, and what we are going to say next is pretty important.

beside, listening is an expression of humility and concern for other. we learn to care of what they feel and think and not just assume that we already know.

good communication need an effort. for both have to be willing working together to have a clear communication. it something that we all have to work it out and planned. it should be casual and relax and natural part in relationship.

and no conflict does not equal good communication. we should not avoid conflict but how we could walk through it, learn about to resolve it in a way that best for both.

with the guideline from God and asking His help in solving the conflict humbly and lovingly. so we could honour God in a way we are doing it.

few tips from the book which i guess could help us to understand more about the art of communication.

a. expressing feeling without accusing. we learn and control out wording to be more about our feeling without trying to blame and accuse the other one. being it is their faults.

b. choose word, expressions and tone of voice that are kind and gentle. every time when we want to speak our opinions, trying to be calm and choose the tone, word that was not pointing-sharp and expression that respect other.

c. do not distort, stretch out the truth. we have a tendencies to add more things inside one simple things which actually become so complicated and untruth because of the distortion we added.

d. give actual and specific example. what was actually happening relate to the example that appropriate.

e. commit our selves to seek the solution instead of just to airing our grievance.

every problem has a solution to be right, as it is arise from one reason too. committing our selves to solve it will bring a mutual understanding for both. preventing unsolved thing to be told again in a future.

f. refuse to indulge in bitterness, anger, withdrawal or argument. conflict happen is normal and being mad or have bitterness about it is a normal thing. what is point is that we should not indulge, stay in bitterness and enjoy doing it.

In your anger do not sin“: Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, (Ephesians 4:26 NIV)

g. do not hesitate to acknowledge your mistake and failure and be quick to forgive other. be mature and admit the mistake we did if it is ours and learn to forgive someone quickly.

i was struggling in this later part, before you know it was so hurt. it hard to forgive at first and it takes years for me for forgive when finally i met the person. i feel nothing really i should mad at. i thought if only i met earlier it would be better.

h. keep asking when you do not understand and get the mutual understanding. as simple as you want to get the idea of the messages that is delivering to you.

i. train our mouth and heart until we can say the right thing at the right time in the right way for the right reason.

motive is more important than technique. we have the right motive in the way we speak, thinking of pleasing God. He wants definitely that we have a sincere love, serve other, to build up, encourage and benefit them.

but only what is helpful for building other up according to their needs, that is may benefit those who listen. (Ephesians 4:29)

and pray that every time we speak, we could speak with the right motive.

need to guard.

guard our selves for do not promise something that we do not have in relationship yet. sometime such a level of confident is so high. it could bring both of you to forget about present moment and imagine too much the possibility of unknown future.

we have to be very careful that the words we say and the way we say them do not communicate more than we mean.

be courageous.

a honest answer is like a kiss on the lips (proverbs 24:26)

it is sometime we are afraid to let people see what we are, being our selves, honest and authentic about what our own opinion.

summary from the book that i am reading, written by Joshua Harris