Bell shape


I found this, it is a Jellyfish! a transparently naked sea animal, you can see through all the things inside it, it is soft, gentle and it is looked beautiful.

most of us probably know that jellyfish only live like hours or days? the one in the picture is really special.

this is Turritopsis nutricula and is bell-shaped, with a maximum diameter of about 4.5 millimetres (0.18 in) and is about as tall as it is wide.

The relatively large stomach is bright red and has a cruciform shape in cross section.

this Jelly Fish can revert to the polyp (smallest cell) stage after becoming sexually mature. it alters the differentiated state of the cell and transforms it into a new cell.

First, the umbrella reverts itself and then the tentacles and mesoglea get resorbed.

The reverted medusa then attaches itself to the substrate by the end that had been at the opposite end of the umbrella and starts giving rise to new polyps to form the new colony.

Theoretically, this process can go on indefinitely, effectively rendering the jellyfish biologically immortal.

this Jellyfish is theoretically live in immortality! they die only because of predation or disease in a plankton stage.

in the future scientists will probably be able to do research on it and extract something interesting to be used by human. many of our dead cell can be renew, repaired or reform into a new cell.

it sounds cool, crazy and funny.

when next time we about to die (old enough or diseased) then we took this cell we gonna back to baby again, born young and innocent, you forgot everything about your life and it starts as a brand new person right but you gonna need mama to feed you a bottle of milk.

there is a movie called The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. the guy grows younger each year.

Future seems so interesting and exciting plus pretty much fantasy.

Back to this Jellyfish, it originated from the sea of Caribbean and now swim across many pacific seas and it live in a tropical kind of place.

as much as nothing kill them like weathers, poisons, climates or anything. they have no life-span. no measure their average age. they simply can reborn again.

Happy Leap Year!


Characteristic of Worships

Purpose Driven Life

Chapter 13 – Worship that pleases God

God wants all of you. He doesn’t want part of your life but He asked for all your heart, mind, soul and strength. there are commitment and obedient.

in worshiping God, there is no right or wrong way to worship. in Bible say “Let us be grateful and worship God in a way that will please him

there are four characteristics that please God.

Our worship is accurate.
worship must be based in the truth of scripture not our opinion of God.

it is not from nowhere but from the word of God.

Our worship is authentic.
Worship in spirit, our spirit was designed to communicate with Him. “Love your heart and soul” — it means our worship must be genuine and heartfelt.

it is not a matter of saying the right word, but mean what you say. We can worship God imperfectly but we can not worship him insincerely.

many of us worship God by the style that many people do, stuck in a so called worship rut. we follow majority people do. God does not see it that way. He wants us to be honest with our self. Do just we would like to do to worship Him.

If God intentionally made us all different, why should everyone be expected to love God in the same way? never He wanted it to be the same.

One thing is certain, You don’t bring glory to God by trying to be someone He never intended you to be. God wants you to be your self.

thats the kind of people that father is out looking for, those who are simply and honestly themselves before Him in their worship

Our Worship is thoughtful.
Love God with all your mind..”

You must engage you mind.

it easier to offer clinches in worship instead of making effort to honor God with fresh words and ways.

be specific. if someone approached you and repeated, “i praise you!” ten times, you would probably think, For what? because you would rather received two specific compliments than twenty vague generalities. so would God.

1 Cor 14 concludes, “Everything should be done in a fitting and orderly way

God insists that our worship be understandable to unbeliever when they are present in our worship gathering.

Being sensitive to unbeliever who visit your worship gathering is biblical command.

Our worship is practical.
Offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God — this is your spiritual act of worship

Worship costs us is our self-centerness. you can not exalt God and your self at the same time.

When Jesus said, “Love God with all your strength“. He pointed out that worship takes effort and energy.

a willing to sacrifice.

Matt Redman, a worship leader in England. He show that worship is more than music, he banned all singing and they learned to worship in other way. by end of that time, Matt had written the classic song “Heart of Worship”.

I’ll bring You more than a song,
because the song itself is not what You’ve required.
You search much deeper within
than the way things appear.

You are looking into my heart.

the heart of the master is a matter of the heart.

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Special Day

Valentine Day


i have been slowing down pretty much, every week seem a little bit slower than usual because i am enjoying every minutes of it, every thought that crossed, Every talk and thing shared and every awkwardness and smile which bring excitements in it.

Thank you for making everyday such a lovely day.

Happy Valentine.

Special Day

wedding & friends

i was attending my friend’s wedding last saturday (11 Feb 2012).

A close friend of mine. we first met like 4 years ago and a group of us become close to one another and cool enough after these years we never have a big fight. – mature enough i guess.

As a friend, we respect one another, embrace everyone attitudes and characters. its a quality of everyone that enrich each other life.

Quarrels and misunderstandings did happen sometime but you can counted it with fingers and it resolve pretty soon. when one is gonna “take” the rest gonna “give”. everyone has an ego, thats normal.

We like knowing each other attitudes and i would say we are still learn about one another.

Every year, we will go for a trip. other friend will join-in — interesting thing about every trips, everyone know his or her own role, none of other gonna take over it to be like one man show and it is not going to happen that way.

Every activities we decided together.

And in the wedding, Pastor said one thing i could remember vividly. He said, Just remember that you were made different.

His strengths might be her weaknesses and Her strengths might be His weaknesses, enrich and support each other life.

Marriage is like a bottle of wine, as it get older the bottle might be looked rusted and dusted outside but the wine inside is getting sweeter.

Even after marriage for few years now, i am still learning about my wife – sometime at night when i sleep beside my wife, i looked at her and i thanks God for given me such as a wonderful woman, “the pastor said.

Have a new blissful journey of life, friend..!!


Purpose Driven Life

Purpose Driven Life

The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.
“What on earth am i here for?”

it has been a while since i read it last time. was given by friend. here is the note from him.

This book is dedicated to you, bro.
May it be useful for you
May the lord bless you richly.

September 8, 2007

i am going to start to read it again. its a 40-days spiritual journey. but i am gonna read it slowly. cheers.

Day One/
it all starts with God.

“Everything got started in Him and finds its purpose in Him” Colossians 1:16b (Msg)

Andrei Bitov, a Russian novelist, grew up under an atheistic communist regime. But God got his attention one dreary day.

He recalls,”In my twenty-seventh year, while riding the metro on Leningrad (now St. Peterburg) I was overcome with despair so great that life seemed to stop at once, preempting the future entirely, let alone any meaning. Suddenly, all by itself, a phase appeared: Without God life makes no sense. Repeating it in astonishment, I rode the phase up like a moving staircase, got out of the metro and walked into God’s light”

You discover your identity and purpose through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

its not about me but God.

Day Two —– Day Forty