Special Day

something new

it is a simple thing to do, i have never have a courage to do it before and this is out of my thought but my feeling just wanna do it.

thats amazing how this heart moves your body instead of your brain which saying other thing at that time.

many things happen before this, when brain was not dare about it, when it can’t make sense to it, when it presses down the gut. heart takes control of everything.

a nice day to begin with something new.

Side Notes

beautiful sides

Beautiful side

if you ever… and if you are able… to notice every one positive side, you might be able to appreciate who they are.

there are many beautiful sides of them that you might not notice because of other people opinion about them.

you are able to look through them in every relationship you have or just a stranger that you observe.

it is considered as one of the most valuable gift that we have to see beautiful thing in the world.

this is why old men always said, “open your eye bigger enough“.

or many will say, “sometime, the most beautiful stone was the nearest one to us“.

sometime we just do not notice the one that around us.

Side Notes


You should have more smile than you shouldn’t.

because you look so tense.. a little bit more relax will do to enjoy your self and people around you.

beside, smile could bring happiness and welcome plus a friendliness and warm to people surround you.

you will look more beau____ of course.

hehe.. cheers..


ingin berlari jauh

seperti ingin berlari jauh ke pantai..
seperti ingin secepatnya sampai disana..
setiap langkah seakan terlalu dalam..
setiap langkah selalu terasa lebih berat..

sesak napas terasa, walau udara begitu segar disepanjang jalan..
tapi hanya angin dingin yang menusuk..
baju setebal apapun tak mampu menghangatkan..

ketika satu panah juga mulai lepas..
papan target menjadi lebih renta..
seberapa dalam tarikkan busurku sebelum?
apakah sama cepatnya?

aku ingin berteriak di pantai sana..
aku ingin secepatnya berada disana..
melepaskan semua pikiran hati..
tidak peduli apakah laut bisa mengerti..

lelah rasanya..
bukan saja kakiku, tapi juga isi pikiranku..
kadang… kegelisahan datang seenaknya saja..
tanpa memikirkan apakah itu adil..


Get It All Done

i re-write my resolution for this year.

i have been living for 30 years of my life. lets say i will live for another 30 more years or 40 more with a 10 years addition at the end of it, i will to spend more time with my wife, a retirement life. by the time (60 years old), i expect my children has grown up to stand alone.

i want to do what i love to do.

i wanted to open business instead of working with people. i want to have something to stand on, something i love to do and something i really enjoy doing it.

there is one most important thing, i need to settle down my feeling, place it on the right one and let it grow from there.

another one is keep my self up, i want to be a change person, a different attitude and a self control. it really difficult when feeling is touched. it brushes out your mind to think logically and let the moment to take place, it control almost everything, from your mood, motivation, self discipline, focus and even it mess up your plans.

last one is to keep a good work in relationship at home or social life outside. give will be more a significant area i need to improve with.

Lets Rock & Roll!