Special Day

Is there a Santa Claus?

“Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.” But there almost wasn’t.

The famous line was penned part of a real 1897 New York Sun editorial written in response to the letter of a curious 8-year-old girl.

Virginia O’Hanlon wrote to the Sun in September of that year in anticipation of the gifts she would receive that Christmas. The letter implored, “Please tell me the truth. Is there a Santa Claus?” But it was apparently misplaced or ignored for several weeks, according to research done by Joseph Campbell, a journalism professor at American University.

When the letter came to the paper’s attention again, a quick response was written by Francis P. Church:

“Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus . He exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist, and you know that they abound and give to your life its highest beauty and joy. Alas! How dreary would be the world if there were no Santa Claus. It would be as dreary as if there were no Virginias.”

Readers were thrilled with the editorial and repeatedly asked the paper to reprint it each year, which the paper only did sporadically until the 1920s, when it was finally an annual feature until the paper folded in 1950.

Special Day

Christmas Day

its a year where Christmas is really happening, wrapping gifts for other and received so many gifts too.



everyone is a Santa to other. I was encouraged by the attitude of brothers and sisters. they buy many gifts to bless other in this joyful occasion. they simply put a cheerful smile in every time gift is given.

such as strong bonding is grown. i feel the relationship is a lot better improved this year. even it was a new structure began about 6 months ago, even some still can not let go previous group. but a new dynamic group is endorsed to accept a gratitude too.

changes always difficult to accept but everyone is losing out that pride a little bit more humble and receptive in this occasion. its a great christmas gift.

a card is written to say a Thank You and to say Encouraging Words,
written heartly to say a Blessing words,
meant to say how you have been making an impact,
to say always have Faith and continue to Serve and Grow in Him.

Its one of the best many paragraphs you ever read, it is kind of a heart warming essay by them. Thank You, Santas!

Felices Fiestas, Happy Holiday, Joyeuses Fetes!

Side Notes

3 in One

i was on the way home from office. these few days train as my main transport have a break down after so many year of service. it could be both train or the track.

i did see at glance the clip showing how they maintain all the trains and tracks few months back on tv. from cleaning the tracks, checking on breaking system or just to polish the wheels.

then i went down to the platform, first train came, everybody rush in and i decided to wait for next one, but this train door was not closing for few minutes. unusual thing happen at this time of rush hour.

come across my mind that the train will have a problem like few days ago then suddenly i was thinking to cut my hair, but decided to give a train another chance.

then come next train, i went in and get into the other side of door. just few second into the train, a speaker announces that it will be delayed. the train was packed with many people. i waited for awhile.

tik… tik.. tok..! an minutes i guess.

i called my mom, whether she has an dinner already or cook at home. she said, “she did not cook but going to have dinner with my sis”. and we chat for awhile. “I was in the train on the way home”, i said. that end our conversation, took around 30 to 45 seconds.

tik.. tok… tik.. tok.. another minutes of waiting.

suddenly i was afraid of breathless, no enough oxygen to take. i probably have an anxiety of a small room.

there was a time when i was exactly on the same position, the other side of open door. in one station, everybody was rushing-in like no care and i was kind of try to protect my self to stretch my hand to give me a space between me and other. in seconds the door suppose to close but it did not, i was decisive enough to get out of that train.

“excuse me.. can you give a way.. excuse me”.. i was so relieved when i was out.

this was the exact stand where we all shouted and jumped

a fun experience, i went to MTV World Stage concerts in Malaysia with friends and we got special tickets, it was in first row which was really close to the bands, we stood up, jumped and shouted all night long, thats what they expected as a front row crowd, Everybody.!! make a noise!!.

there was Hoobastank, Pixie Lott, Boys Like Girls, The All-American Rejects, Estranged, Kasabian, Raygun.

it was fun and i was not afraid of losing my breath on packed crowd because they limit the crowd and there was a space between crowd and the fence, and the fence with other crowd at the second row. secure enough so they will not climb across and make a mess. beside there were security personals so i did not need to check the fence.

i was really thinking about all bad possibilities there. uncontrolled crowd, no security personal and weak fences between crowd will probably need to avoid for me. i was afraid if they climb over and that row will be packed and i will probably will stuck in the center of the crowd with lack of oxygen

back to this night, i decided to get out of train and cut my hair and taking bus back home.

i am glad with my decision.three tasks were done indirectly in this single event.
first// tidy up my hair earlier than expected
second//my decision making is improved in speed and satisfaction.
third// prevent my self stuck in an uneasy situation.

Side Notes

health department


i walked down this morning in park near my house, accompany my mom. i told her last night, “Lets have a walk tomorrow morning“. but she woke me up this morning as i was still so sleepy. i brushed my teeth and washed my face, change cloth and go.

its always nice to have a walk in the morning, breath a fresh air & feel a warm morning sun. i have not done this for quiet sometimes.

as i walked i was thinking about what are things i have compromise in my health department.

i think i have compromised many things, taking Just any food with any portion (sometime even bigger than what i need), didn’t have a good rest (always sleep late) and my exercise regime is on and off ( i use to jog, once a week)

past few months i have been hit with many unwanted sicks, pains, tiredness and headaches sometimes. i have taken many of my medical leave.

almost 5 years ago when i started to join in this company (February after chinese new year). for over two years plus i never took any single medical leave. only when i feel tired, i took leave to rest. never really sick i guess, what a record!

these things give me an idea about next year resolution. give me an idea to get back in shape and also about things i want to do next year (2012 +) but i would not want to postponed it till next year. this morning was the start of these un-alignments. health department have not been doing really good recently, for the pass few months obviously (this year).

i demanded them to send a complaint letter to me to aligned what i just take everything for granted, i am not young as 20 years old, even all excitements inside is still there but body is catching up. still strong but not as strong as 10 years ago.

i expect & will do.

\ should not eat too much! take just a nice portion and be reminded about your tummy. it is not for the physical appearance but for health.

\ rest well, have a good and early sleep time, consistency in quality and hours of rest. too much rest is doing no good for your body too. just enough is good. somehow your body will know it.

\ food to consumed. eat anything once a week but control many days in a week with a balance portion, add some fruits.

\ excise routine. it has to be once a week or more, for jogging, get the salty sweat out of your body and get refresh of your mind. thats gonna help in your concentration.

Take care of your body while you are young as it will take care of you when you are old

that will be my motivation.

Side Notes

simply plain pain

when you are sick, you are look really damn ugly. no blood flow to your face, no mood, simply plain expression.

today, i feel like sick.
i got the back pain (from physical activity on saturday) and i think my back muscle not ready and work harder on tug of war game without a proper stretching and warming up. another pain was my stomach and i trying to find word for my stomach pain and i called it, stomach upset.

every time i take a deep breath, i need to release it slowly. it feels like there is a link from my breath to my back pain and the stomach. i feel the pain, the feeling of upset too.

these few days, it happens all the time after lunch. may be my tummy is getting bigger and heavier after lunch? i did read some article, actually if you have a big tummy (mine not really big, but like growing), you tend to have a backpain. see the guys with beer tummy (we called it that way, coz beer can make your tummy bigger unlike wine or liquar). i guess pregnant woman has backpain too, but woman tend to have more elastic muscle than man.

every time it happens, i feel i need to lie down to keep my back straight and it can help a little bit. probably at office, we sit most of the time. even you are healthy, its not good really. so move around.

i have no mood over it, not feeling really good about my self today.

when i see my self in the mirror just before go back home in office toilet, i feel my hair is too long, untidy, oily and my eyes look so tired, no excitement over that face, i try to smile.. hihihihihi… cheese.!!!. and it simply look awkward.

it is really true when people say, the eyes is the window of you. to look through the eyes, you can see how is that person doing. mad?excited? loved? hate? or simply bored.

what a plain monday and pain days.

Side Notes

a week of fast

fasting week (5-9)
Praying for more love and compassion

“Fasting confirms our utter dependence upon God by finding in Him a source of sustenance beyond food”

by Dallas Willard

on monday.
i think i want easy one, then i decided to skip breakfast and coffee and i was happy with it not until noon time after lunch.

my eyes was getting heavier than before, my mind started to think about my bed. it was really difficult to keep out the sleepiness.

i tried to have a tea as a substitute for my coffee, one glass seem so refreshing, but only could stayed awhile where my dream about my bed was coming back again then i have another tea again.

by the time, its almost there, almost 6.30pm, knocked off time.

soon, i will be in my home, sleeping. that was the intention but funny, i could not sleep when i reached home.

second day, its tuesday.
same, skip breakfast and coffee. this time i manage to pull through the day with no many sleepiness like the first day.

third day, wednesday.
it was easy so this morning i decided to skip lunch, but going to have my breakfast and coffee back.

it was around 3, my stomach was asking for permission to have something, i was hungry. so i drink more water and a little cheat of cookies, only one though. lets called it tea break. 😀

all i tried was to concentrate more to my work than my stomach, 6.30pm was like forever long, it was really long.

after work, i rush back home, reached AMK
mall, the first thing i have was a banana fritter then i go around to buy something for dinner. feel like the one of the best dinner i ever have.

fourth day, today, thursday
i skip lunch too and everything seem so well. let see tomorrow, i will probably will decide to skip dinner. but every time i want to skip dinner, i am afraid i can not sleep at night. i heard can have supper right? mmm.

at night, my sisters, sister’s husband, mom and i went for dinner at ayam penyet and walk to somerset after it. on it way, all of them wanna go for toilet break. so we stop at the heeren, the mall i seldom visit and most of the time, never even have an intention to go inside.

as i was waiting for them, i walk around. there is unique store just like many other, selling many unique accessories, bags and notebooks but what caught my eye was the t-shirt, i was looking for this kind of t-shirt for quiet sometimes already and then i asked, how much is that? its 25.90 bucks. that was a good price i thought and the sale person said, if you wanna see more, we have a store at level 4.

until all of them come back, i asked them to accompany me to the forth floor. as expected, this mall was not crowded at all, pretty empty.

reach forth floor, we got this sign “WTF” with many close stores around, i was surprise at first and my first reaction was the the same. but i saw small text below it, i get closer and it say “Welcome To FourSkin“. and the arrow pointed to the other side. Lols, we all laugh. then i said to them, “WTF?” Want To Follow? haha..

and we reach the store. i go directly to all the t-shirt session. look around like few minutes, i got the color i wanted, size m and go to fitting room. nice..

i like the way they arrange all the colors, from light to dark, even red color they do have the gradient. it was just look nice. i wish to arrange like that in my cupboard.

and i found this simple design, color, and the material, i always like dark color and the price is just nice, it cost me 16.90-18.90 for one for and i have no choice.

end of sudden-death shopping, i got 6 t-shirts (2 of old school shirts, 3 of simple design, 1 v-neck) including t-shirt for my dad and spend like 128 buck that night.

thats all for this christmas season and i satisfy with it. i seldom go to shopping but it was easy for me to decide. when i doubt or slow to decide, it simply mean i am not convinced enough.

last day, tomorrow. today.
it doesn’t seem so difficult actually. tomorrow will have a big breakfast before going out for physical activity, band of brother.

time to pray.

have a great weeks ahead, festive season is in, holiday mood everywhere.

Side Notes

Not being somebody else

Being our self is hard enough, why? 
I am trying to be one hundred percent me and frankly it never been there though. sometimes I compromise.

God has given you one face, and you make yourself another.

by William Shakespeare

I am liking this quote, as I did remember reading a saying by other author. It said, many of us are other people, our thoughts are someone else’s opinion and we live in mimicry.

I compromise because, there is a consideration you need to take toward other which you will allow other’s. opinion to come into your life, direct and in-directly we are influenced and we are changed by many opinions around us but its ours to choose.

There are things you will not compromise, it makes your self personally you, people see your character, your principles and people respect that.

And there are things that you can compromise to make you a supportive people, adaptable, flexible and a team player.

Beside, being our self is not one party show, its both. its collaboration, its two ways communication. You and your friend, you and your society.

Being true our selves is what other people wanna see us and living in society we should learn about other people too.

All of these does not make you a hypocrite.

You hold on something that you believe, but being humble to the changes also a character grow.

Critics and comments are improvement and perspective that we can not see.

How could you think somebody’s else opinion is not worth to think of when it mean to improve our self?

Why would you want to be somebody else when being our selves is difficult enough.