Side Notes

a single decision bring new story

I woke up earlier this morning, but after 30 minutes my eyes was going to sleep again. I have to serve this morning I said to my self and it still like 2 hours before 9 in the morning to take a shower, so I decided to sleep again.

Bad decision! I woke up with heavy eyes, like a sleepless night, with all the body seem to be too tired to get up.

Dragging my body up to my cupboard and choose a shirt and damn! it is not iron yet. I walk lazily to extension room near bath room to just switch on the iron and then I took a bath.

Brushing my teeth with my favorite toothpaste while sitting on toilet bowl, multitasking. It was the best thing to do in the morning, man.

Suddenly I remembered my conversation with my friend, in that conversation I did talk about my wrong major I took in university and that decision bring me here.

After graduated, I went home for helping my Dad and try to work in jakarta for about a year and then decided to come to singapore.

That major in Art (suppose to be engineering) I took in malaysia that give me a chance to come here as the field is more widely needed and a certificate I obtained from there gave a little lift-up and of course all projects I did every semester in university time. It was like every subject for every project but out of 5, one will be the major one in every semester.

Mostly I took care of the project and my friend do the documentation and presentation as I was weak in these both skills. This was when I really struggled in my final year where I had to write up for my own individual project.

Dissertation and presentation are another important parts in every project, I took it for granted. A good one could lift up the project on overall view and a not-so-good will influence in overall perspectives.

And in one particular semester, there was one smart girl in the class, that time she approached me to work on one project, I didn’t mind. She did the documentation, presentation and manual, I was not please with the design of the manual when it comes out, so i asked “but, how are you going to explain this?” , “Let’s meet our lecturer” she urged. I was amazed when she present it to our lecturer. the way she explained just make sense, I thought the design was not so good, but it was something new she brought out of usual way, the way she explain was matter the most. I learned something from her.

I think,
“Every decision leads to different story.

It was probably a single major decision we had made and with many minor ones that either embrace it or no at all.

Every decision will make a interesting story or just an ordinary simple one.

We decide.

Special Day

Thanksgiving Day

Today is a thanksgiving day.
It celebrates in united state in the forth week of Thursday in november.

What I should thanks for?
My Company and colleagues who I have been working with for the past 4 years plus, it was a tremendous opportunity to learn from all of you and it continues till now as I still feel the same excitement to come to work.

My Community, Friends and people around me who help me grow as a person in term of character and attitude. Being able to learn from their life and the character they have shown such a great blessing and gratitude for everything they do.

My Dad and mom who have provided me with anything I need and care plus love they have shared to all of us. My sisters in hometown who look after our parent and My sisters who we live in the same roof, clash and argument sometimes make thing more clearly visible and grow our character and bonding. Her husband, as additional person to this house and take a care of my sister.

I thank God for all these blessing upon me. Thanks for giving me a chance to know Him.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Side Notes

It’s about moments, feelings and stories

Relationship is not about perfection.

It is about moments, feelings, and stories being shared.

An interesting say by someone else, someone I do not know but I admittedly agree with this statement. It said the most important things that happen and to be shared in relationship.

The moment when you feel happy with someone, the moment you shared small important things and laugh together with a silly things you ever do and how funny you will remember the stupid things you guys do together.

There was a time when I was in age of 13 or 14 years old, in junior high school.

I have a close friend and we were just totally different (character, religion & background)

That day, My close friend was challenged by someone to fight. That guy set the time and place to meet. My friend told me this, ” I need you to be there and just look after me if there is unfair thing happen when I fight him, and don’t worry, I can take this guy “. 

I did not even think twice, I just said OK, We go together tomorrow after school. But the fight never happen. 

We were in different classroom, different friends in school and outside but we are a good friend and stay near to each other.

That day, I slept at noon in his house after playing and for the first time I ate vegetable. I never like vegetable before but I was there after woke up in living room. 

His mom said, “We only have this”. 

I said, “Its ok, I eat everything” as I lie. 

We finished our food and then watch our favorite cartoon. after that we took shower outside the house, it’s a shared well (sumur), we need to use a pile with rope to take the water. 

Then I went home with my wet cloth, to tell my mom to cook that vegetable dish for me next time, it was a simple nice dish of cabbage soup (sup sayur kol).

Another day, he join my group of friend cycling to the forest. The road is like riding up and down, sometime chased by the dog, our main activity was to swim in the old reservoir, after playing with water, we do kind of sunbathing because without a towel we have to dry out our body by jumping, then we search for fruits to eat and the last thing we do was going up to the highest point and cycling down. 

There was the point when accident happen, out of control 2 of my friend fall from bicycle and injured their face. My close friend is one of them. He was crying, he was afraid to go back, he was just worry about anything, then he went to my house to clean the wound and put the medicine and ask my aunt to talk to his mom.

A moment that always bring the memories back to present, a past that either make you happy or crying. A moment that have been shared together, a moment that have been treasured the most.

It’s about the connections and communications between people around you and your self.

When we reluctant to share what we thought, what we feel, what we need and even a simple single unimportant things. How other is going to understand us? Guessing? Assuming? Isn’t that best possible chance you give other not to understand you and best possible chance you give other to determine who you are instead you should tell them who you are.

We live in this planet as we are unperfected human being but beautifully created creature. Most of us tend to judge other by only a very little things or even one single statement.

Do not judge book by its cover as you do not know what is inside. Do not see how nice the food is as you do not know how its taste like. So read the book and taste the food then now you can give a comprehensive idea and story about it and it’s always better to read and taste it by your self, because everyone has their own opinion, you have yours too.

Share every moments, every feeling, and every stories.

Side Notes

Whole day like a long day

Bored. This is the only word comes out all the day long.

Yesterday nite, I did not sleep really well. Woke up at 2 in the morning, because of dream and again at 4am, a bad dream though. I thought I did wash my foot before sleep. I was always remember my mom told me to wash my foot before sleep when I was small.

I stay awake for a while to try to remember about the dream and then fall sleep again.

Right in the morning, usual time when I have to wake up. I got headache, kind of heavy on my head not that dizzy thing. I SMS my head and cc my HR, I need MC leave today. Actually I just need to rest at home and everything will be fine, but I have to go to clinic just to get an MC letter.

At the clinic I told doctor, I could not sleep last nite and this morning I have an headache, kind of heavy head like that. Not dizzy though. Stress? Doctor asked, I said, I don’t know. I think I can handle all the things in office.

So doctor check my chest and back, get the medicines, pay and go. I will throw the medicines anyway because I don’t like medicines especially from doctor. I never like to take medicine since young, I am fortunate I was seldom sick.

Back to bored.
After the clinic, I want to eat at my favourite stall and it is not opened today. So I have to settle with chicken rice. Pass by the mini market, I stop for a while and find a potato chips to compliment my chicken rice. I have milk at home so it’s perfect lunch.

Whole day, I stay at the home. It is really boring. I never like stay whole day at home. At least I need to go out to get some fresh air, at least I will go for jogging but at noon, the rain started to pour out. Just a perfect boring night.

Because of headache, no more excited about reading some news or books. So I wash my cloth and while waiting for it, I listen to music and laying down on my bed. Anyway, I manage to sleep for 2 hours to forget my boringness. 😀

I don’t like any day like this. I don’t like being sick too. Because it impacts your mood to do anything. I think when we are sick, it’s our body that reflect it out which actually our inside that is not well.

Whole day like a long day to spend.


Today Quote

Where all think alike, no one thinks very much

by Walter Lippmann

The quote is from the Idea Book. I found this book in Harris’s Bookstore. It has an interesting idea about creativity and how you can start to sketch it out.

It provides you with 150 blank pages for you to fill all brilliant ideas (quote said ; “How you should know that with many failures you had, you really close to success“) and with many encouraging short stories, words and quotes from many creative person such as the one above.

Side Notes

Just a silent sign

In the office, these few days are very long days, many things to do. My colleague went hometown for his wedding ceremony and I was the one who have to handle his task lists and my own task too.

Tonight, I went for dinner with my sister. once a week we will go out for dinner because we seldom meet.

Every morning she go to office, I will be still at my bed and when I reached home, she already asleep. only saturday or sunday we will meet in the morning for breakfast (not too often). sometimes I woke up late or go for badminton.

I was on my way to orchard, I was in the train, the first cabin just behind the driver seat and in front of me two people speak sign language, gave each other gestures of wording from hand’s movement or an expression from their face to support what they are talking about and sometimes from their lips, its like they try to speak it out but no sound.

Then I try my self to be silent. For a moment I was stunned, I feel I could not express nor describe the paragraph the way I want it. I feel really desperate to be able to convey my message across, I feel desperate to be able to master the sign language at that moment, all that hand gestures. I felt so difficult at that point of time.

huh.. at last, I reached orchard and walk out of train. Still thinking about it why I felt so difficult or desperate to get people understand me at that point of silent.

Did I put too much pressure on people’s expectation to be as simple as they want to hear or simply I try too hard to get them understand what I mean?

Even we speak different language, we all have the same expectation, trying to figure out how to convey the message correctly so that can be understood by the other party.

Interesting how we try to get people to understand us, it means, we still have difficulty in communication.

Side Notes

Motto of learner

In introduction, he states that. Life is for learning. We will continuously learning many new things in this life. A learner is an earner, as a learner we must be humble; to admit we do not know it all and we do not have it all.

Here are the motto of Learner.

1. He who knows Not, and knows he knows Not, is a child. Feed him.

2. He who knows Not, and knows Not he knows Not, is a fool. Avoid him.

3. He who knows, and knows Not that he knows, is asleep. Awaken him.

4. He who knows, and knows that he knows, is a wise man. Follow him.

I don’t get it first but might not get it too till now, a little understanding I hope to capture the meaning of it. I try to explain from my own perspectives, my own understanding.

As simple as you know you know a little but have desire and curiosity to learn
You may not know about something but you have desire to keep find out about it, learn about it, be humble, willing to learn, open your heart & mind to understand it. It’s like a seed know it is a seed, need water to grow to become something better. (feed him)

As simple as you lack something but never know you have to improve it.
The worst that possibly happens is that, you act smart but does not know about it, not understand, can not see the big picture of it but stubbornly stand by it without giving a chance to your self to learn, to open up to other people to poke you or correct you. It’s like a rotten apple, never know its going to be wasted, will be thrown soon. (avoid him).

As simple as you do not know unreleased potentials you have inside.
When you know something better, but never realize it. There are lots of potential in it. You are suppose to be a better person, can achieve and do many things. Believe in your self, God created you with lots of gift bury inside you. You just need to unlock it, and all of that just burst out. Believe and have faith. It’s like a rose, only realise the thorns around it, but doesn’t know how beautiful is its self. (awake him)

As simple as you already know many things but still willing to learn.
When you understand more, read many books that inspired you, improves you, grows you in many aspect in your life, spiritually or knowledge based and you do listen, humble still, think (even deeply) before you speak, it brings the charisma of how big is your self, and how you are so deeply understand the situation. People admire you. It’s like a eagle, knows its capable of and shows its claws. (follow him)

a Seed, an Apple, a Rose, an Eagle?

Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often by Apelles Poh.